Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First Book Launch...

I went to my very first book launch yesterday- an hours drive away in Launceston, I arrived at Fullers, books in my bag and mask in my hand.
It was the fantastic launch for Lian Tanners The Keepers book 2, City of Lies, which I reviewed here.
City of Lies is all about mystery and hiding your true idenity, otherwise you'll most likely be captured by the enemy, so everyone, basically, was wearing masks, which was very awesome.
You had the oppertunity of making a mask beforehand, but I had one from a masquerade I organised a few years ago so took that one to wear, and I'm fairly sure I'm going to be making a guest appearance on Facebook in it.... oh yes, just found the picture of me- take a look and take a look at the rest of the pictures too!

Lian Tanner was there herself, which was absoluetly terrific and it was just amazing to meet her, after I've reviewed and been a fan of both her books it was just AMAZING! I was so excited and she regonised me almost immediately- I walked up the stairs, mask still in hand and she was at the top of the stairs to welcome all who came- I smiled happily (knowing well that it was Lian welcoming me) and a "hmm..." expression came onto her face then realisation (oh aren't I good at this descriptive storytelling? It's just like a very good (Miss Marple without the murder) TV drama!) came over her face and she said "You're Romi...!"
I got to talk to Lian, listened to her talk and launch the book, nearly won the signed book, got many times complimented on my mask (and asked if I took the feathers from the gorge...) and got a picture with Lian!
It was all so thrilling! And I got both my books signed to go along with it! YAY!

It was such a brilliant time! I can't wait until The Path of Beasts get's released- hopefully that means another Launceston launch...?


  1. It was a good launch, wasn't it! And lovely to meet you at last, Romi. And yes, I definitely intend to have a Launceston launch for Path of Beasts - though I'm wracking my brains to think of something that will equal the masks ...

  2. oooh, i LOVE book launches :D


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