Friday, October 14, 2011

The Scar by Charlotte Moundilic review...

Title- The Scar.
Author- Charlotte Moundilic.
Publish Date-2009.
Publisher- Walker Books.

My Review...

What I thought:
It's a strange book, this one- very thoughtfully written and illustrated, well throught through and very sad, but there was something strange and I don't know... maybe missing about this book... it seemed to be lacking something, but I can't tell what.
It was very full on and is a very good book, I think people getting over and coping with grief would really find something to grasp to in it, and people who know someone, anyone, who's going through this kind of thing, I think they'd do good to read it too.
It leaves you thinking... I still am.

Thanks to Walker Books for this review cpoy!


  1. Sounds interesting and sad. Thanks for the review!

  2. I love books that leave you thinking.

  3. that sounds really interesting. i love the cover.
    i find with intense, heavy books they really have to be spot on. otherwise they leave you washed out, or it's melodramatic, or silly. it has to be worth the emotional investment.


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