Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dragon Keeper by Carol Wilkinson review...

Thank you to Walker Books for this Review copy!

What I thought:
I recall vaguely listening to this on audio years ago, so I faintly remembered the story, but it was none the less thrilling and full of imagination! I adore this new cover, I'm quite in love with it, and it fits perfectly with the amazing story that lies inside it! There are now 3 other books in the Dragon Keeper Series which have all been re-published with new, awesome covers!
Dragon Keeper is an amazing and heart racing story of courage and life, it's plain and simple brilliant!



  1. i wish i could find a website that actually tells you what happened in the story not ''a horrible night follows and after that nothing is the same'' i need more specifics. But your review is still very good better than what a lot of other reviews had.


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