Tuesday, November 29, 2011

September 11, 2001- Attack on New York by Wilborn Hampton review...

Title-September 11, 2001- Attack on New York
Author- Wilborn Hampton.
Publish Date- October 2011.
Publisher- Walker Books.

Now for the review...

What I thought:
I would have been six and six months old when September 11 threatened to shatter the world; my sister would have turned ten only days earlier.
I never really knew the whole story, not all the details, all the main factors, yes, but not so much as I could have learnt as I got older.
This book threatened to wrench me apart, pull my shocked and unbelieving heart out and shove it into my face, because it hurt so much to read about all those innocent lives that were lost, all the families torn apart, all the will lost.
It was blunt, truthful and remarkable in the way it didn't go, even for a moment, from what mattered.
It worked very, very well.
The story of what happened really opened my eyes, I still, and always will, question how people could do that. How they could be possessed by so much hate, ignorance (there were letters found from some of the terroists saying how they'd be strong in prison.).Lust for Death.
And throughout the time it took me to read Attack on NYC, I kept hearing myself say- If I was there, if I had been old enough, I would have helped. I would have helped those people who lost so much. I would have helped them regain their lives.

Thank you to Walker Books for this review copy.


NOTE- Attack on NYC is an incredible book- it is so powerful, so effecting that you couldn't surpass it for another book of it's kind.
If you want to read this, to learn more from the survivors, do. Absolutely. But be ready for all it holds.

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