Friday, December 2, 2011

Booklist; Did and didn't like list...

My booklist, aah, I'm getting all excited and shakey just thinking of it, because once I have reviewed the books from this year, I shall be officially unveiling my 2012 booklist, which in turn means I have to finalize it.
Oh... oh oh oh... YAY!
So, I decided because there were about 36 titles on my 2011 booklist, that I'd do a few posts going over the books I didn't like (not doing full kir and kaboodle reviews) and books I did.
They'll be like mini reviews!
Over the next two or three weeks I'll do posts with three mini reviews in them, did and didn't likes!
Sound good?

Well we'll start, shall we?
Today I'll be Mini Reviewing-

The Odyssey.
Mary Poppins.
The Secret Garden.

The Odyssey-
By- Homer.
Read status- Read!
Like Status- Read!
Like Status- Didn't adore, but it was quite a thrilling read. Doubt wether I'd read it again.
Would you read any follow up books?- Not sure... not for a while.
Synopsis in a few words- The story of a ledgendary man who, after spending ten years at war away from his home, begins to set off home only to be captured on a witches island who loved him... his trials and how he finally set off for home after 20 years.
Feelings on the book in a few words- It took me ages to read, ages! About 3 months I think, actually. I found it a bit of a trial for the first 70-100 pages, but after I got into it again I really was flung into the story and, though at times it was a little gorey and simply strange, I am glad I've read it.

Mary Poppins-
By- P. L. Travers.
Read status- Read!
Like Status- Liked it, but it was a shock!
Synopsis in a few words- Mary Poppins is the kind of Nanny who comes when you need her most, like Nanny McPhee, and these are the stories of her adventures with a family in England.
Feelings on the book in a few words- I expected (probably from watching the movie when I was younger) that Mary would be loving, kind and the kind of Nanny anyone would want, but she was quite quite... mean and grumpy. She wasn't the kind of Nanny I would ever like, I don't think, though she was very magical and that was nice. Not what I expected at all, but still an interesting book, and one I'm very happy I finally read.

The Secret Garden-
By- Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Read status- Read!
Like Status- LOVED!
Synopsis in a few words- Mary Lennox was bought up in India where she was waited on hand and foot and treated like a princess, but when she moves to England after her selfish and unloving of their child parents die, she finds that no matter who you are, you shan't be treated like royalty all your life. And it's good for her, because she finally is allowed a proper childhood.
Feelings on the book in a few words- I didn't see what was so fantastic about The Secret Garden to begin with, I thought Mary selfish, spoilt and horrid overall, but once she got to England and settled in I finally saw the child behind all the meanities and fell head over heels for the story! I adored it!

Be back for more booklist titles through the coming weeks! And have a great day of bookiness and reading!

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