Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Booklist, more mini reviews...

Today's Mini Reviews are-

Romeo and Juliet.
The Hollow Tree.
The Importance of Being Earnest.

Romeo and Juliet-
By- William Shakespeare
Read status- Read it!
Like Status- And Loved it!
Synopsis in a few words- The story of two young adults who fall deeply in love, only to be torn apart by their families hate for each other.
Feelings on the book in a few words- I was enthralled by this unbelieveablly amazing love story of seperation and power; I loved it, espcially once I had read the whole thing and could think over the story, though the beginning was a bit hard going on the crazy and outlandish words.
It was educational and magical.

The Hollow Tree-
By- Jacob G. Rosenberg.
Read status- Didn't read.
Like Status- Didn't like.
Synopsis in a few words- The story of a family, and a boy in particular,  who have the oppertunity of being very wealthy and having all the best things; so why, the boy's parents ask, would he fall in love with a poor girl? 
Feelings on the book in a few words- This was a very odd story; I read a bit of it but decided almost immediately that it was far too strange and uncomfortable to continue reading; I was drawn very much in by the beautiful cover, the shadowlike characters, the text, but it gave me such a weird feeling; like when you see a movie on TV and have no idea what it is, you can sense that something you really don't want to know about is about to happen. That's how I felt with this. (And I think I was right)

The Importance of Being Earnest-
By- Oscar Wilde
Read status- Read!
Like Status- Liked it, didn't love it.
Synopsis in a few words- The story of, essentially, four people; two men and two women, all fall in love with each other and find out who each truly is, not the person they are hiding behind...
Feelings on the book in a few words- I adore all the productions of The Importance that I have so far seen, but the book wasn't quite as good as them... it was my first (I think) script and I enjoyed the different format, but at points it was just a bit difficult to grasp the storyline, and to be honest, some bits soared over my head.


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