Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mini Booklist reviews...


A Series of Unfortunate Events book one-
By- Lemony Snicket
Read status- Read
Like Status-liked.
Synopsis in a few words- The story of three very unfortunate siblings and their lives after their parents die in an awful and mysterious fire.
Feelings on the book in a few words- I really liked it, but then progressed to read three more of the books in the series; I like it a lot less now, because all the other books were so repetitive! It was crazy!

Huckleberry Finn.
By- Mark Twain.
Read status- Didn't like so didn't read.
Like Status- A bit... weird...
Synopsis in a few words- The story of Huck Finn, life with his irresponsable and drunken father, life beside one of the best known rivers in the world, and of course, adventures that come with friends...
Feelings on the book in a few words- I read Tom Sawyer, but found Huck's individual tale to be a bit too... hmm... well it was too comparatively not me a book; I found it not in my taste at all.

A Little Princess-
By- Frances Hodgson Burnett
Read status- READ!
Like Status- LOVED!
Synopsis in a few words- A girl bought up by her wealthy father, who doted on her and always taught her what was right; the story of a compassionate girl who is left in a very sad place.
Feelings on the book in a few words- Oh my gosh- I adored this book! It is tre amazing! That is all.


  1. Hi Romi! I love the new blog layout, especially the header. :) I've read all of the Series of Unfortunate Events and they are pretty repetitive (and depressing). There's kind of a subtle humor about them because no matter what, nothing ever goes right for the Baudelaires, and none of the adults they meet can ever help them.

    I haven't read the other two but I've been wanting to read Huckleberry Finn for a while.

  2. The Series of Unfortunate Events books drive me crazy... eugh. It's depressing.
    But I agree... the first was great.

  3. Jessica-
    I know- they were getting a little crazy! I love the audio books- they're the only way I could finish the series, I expect!


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