Monday, December 5, 2011

Numbers and Colours by Orla Kiely review...

Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont for these review copies!

What I thought:
I adore these books, from the cloth boundiness to the illustrations and fabness of the colours, which are, as I've said, very vibrant and I shall ahve a lot of fun sharing and teaching Edie P., using them, because they are absolutely and fantastically terrific and so well done that I may just have to tell absolutely everyone I know with children about them (yeah...mmm... not many of them- ok, not such a great demonstration of spreading the world across the world Romi) or even go prancing about NYC with a copy of each shouting about them before I talk to the Sesame Street monsters about the Word on the Street... in short, they're too brilliant for words!


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