Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sam, Grace and the Shipwreck by Michelle Gillespie reivew.

Title- Sam, Grace and the Shipwreck.
Author- Michelle Gillespie.
Publish Date- 2011.
Publisher- Freemantle Press.

Now for my reivew...

A stockman and a young girl must ride with all their might to the sea, as a ship is sinking and there are many people to save- but it's going to be dangerous.

Image via: Freemantle Press.

Thank you to Freemantle Press for this review copy!

What I thought:
The story is one to remember and I'm thrilled that it has been commended rightly, by being made into a story for all ages to read and thrill over.
The pictures are very unusual and they are perfect for this story, they seem almost urgent and in this story, a story of urgancy for help, that is perfect!
The story is very well written and captures the imagination of the reader, well of this one, and it is definitely a story to behold and say "I've read this, I know the story as well."
Very powerful and generally lovely.


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