Friday, December 23, 2011

Booklist Mini Reviews.

Tom Sawyer-
By- Mark Twain.
Read status- Read.
Like Status- Mildly liked.
Synopsis in a few words- Tom Sawyer is adventurous, much to some people's distaste, and he along with his closest friends, embark on many adventours together... from visiting graves at night, to swinging (urgh) dead cats about your head for luck, Tom and Huck do it all.
Feelings on the book in a few words- It was a very interesting read- sort of like Treasure island in it being a classic Boys book- that's what it reads like for me, a book to fill imaginative girls and boys (though probably mostly boys in that age) a scare and a time of vivid fun.

The Wind in the Willows-
By- Kenneth Graham.
Read status- Read!
Like Status- Liked it- not loved.
Synopsis in a few words- The story of some animal friends along the river- all having fun and saving their friend, reckless Toad, from every possible form of disaster.
Feelings on the book in a few words- It was so different from all the old TV shows, plays and films I've seen, particularly the ending, but it was well worth the reading experiance!

The Call of the Wild-
By-Jack London.
Read status- Read.
Like Status- Creeepy.....
Synopsis in a few words- A lone Wolf in the wild of America, ready to pounce on whoever comes near enough to make it worthwhile- a once domesticated animal, left to be wild...
Feelings on the book in a few words- It was creepy and scary and unnerving! I don't think I would personally venture to read it again, due to the overall scaryness of all those strange and wild animals who are quite... yes, creepy.

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