Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ultimate Fashionista- The Young Hollywood Style Guide by Alana Wulff review...

Title- Ultimate Fashionista. The Hollywood Style Guide.
Author- Alana Wulff.
Publish Date- February 1 2012.
Publisher- Random House.

Now for my review...

First thing you shall find in this handy book of fashion tips, places the stars shop at and the ultimate designers is a list of "30 Under 30"; it features many actresses I know of, okay I knew basically every single one of them right off, such as Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle, the Olson twins and their younger sister Elizabeth, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato; there were a lot of actresses I admire and a lot who's movies I enjoy watching, or music I adore. This section covers who they are, what their general fashion go to items are and their biggest sucesses. Then you'll be able to go through some of the US's most sought after shops, the featured 30's favourite haunts, and later you'll find out all about actresses come designers, and the all time designers!
Thank you to Random House for this review copy!

What I thoght:
I enjoyed this book much more than I may have; it was interesting to see all the different 'fashionable' items and some of them are truly beautiful, I can assure you, and the 30 under 30 was by far my favourite section. But even though I am quite interested in fashion and this kind of thing, there was the feeling that at times the author, Alana Wulff, pressing her opinions onto the reader and at some times got a little over the top about these major fashion mess up's and how some stars stared off awfully but are now blooming. And I get that, but it was a little too much said, at times, I thought.
I would definitely recommend this book to any young girls or boys interested in the fashion and acting/singing industry; it is scary how much time the paparazzi is around these people featured, so it's a really good insight on that side of things too, and as I said, some of the outfits featured are just amazingly pretty!


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