Thursday, February 9, 2012

Knight Night by Owen Davey review...

Title- Knight Night.
Author- Owen Davey.
Publish Date- August 2011.
Publisher- Hardie Grant.
Readers will also enjoy- Foxly's Feast.

Now for the review...

When a knight, whatever age, wants to go to bed after a long, hard day of fighting dragons and saving people, it is none the less an adventure and could even be a trial, leaving only the upmost of strength at the end; climbing mountains just to get the relief of feeling a pillow under their head.
But that's nothing compared to jumping across a crocodile infested lake when your teeth need to be done.
Nothing at all....

Thank you to Hardie Grant for this review copy!

What I thought:
This brilliant little bedtime picture book is not only bought together by the words and illustration, but the imagination behind both- the simplicity of the story, made into something incredible using only the pictures; each story, alone, would tell vastly different stories, together they tell a whole new one, and that's really something; isn't it?
Knight is the perfect "Off you pop to bed" book for those rebel (alas I was one) spirits, boy or girl.
And it's got a truly awesome hardback cover.


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