Monday, March 5, 2012

Fancy a competition?

I have officially realised that... dun dun dun... I have over a hundred followers over the different following devices. Close to 200.

Je suis EstomaquĆ©.
(Which means I am Gobsmacked.)

I am currently devising a plan for my 100 almost 200 follower party... I'm being devious about it also. 

In April/May I'm joining three different giveaway hops, at least one will be International too, I'm hoping. (Though postage is expensive!)

So, keep an eye out for an upcoming GIVEAWAY!!! (It'll probably have something to do with le Book Depository, as it is the epicentre of awesomeosity.)

In other news, I've basically finished revising the novel I wrote for NaNo last year and (not sure if I mentioned this here...) should be sending it to the createspace printers soon to get my 5 free copies for completing NANO! I've got a cover organised- it's all so pretty! And I've had a lot of fun compiling a playlist! 

See you on Wednesday...

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