Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Weight of Water... A Review.

Title- The Weight of Water.
Author- Sarah Crossan.
Publish Date- February 2012.
Publisher- Bloomsbury.
RRP. $16.99

Now for the review...

What I thought:
I was most intrigued by The Weight of Water- the cover I adored, the texture of it was really interesting, a light paper that was textured- it's awesome!- and the way it was written, almost like it was a giant poem, was really unusual- I've neve found that in a novel before and it made this a super quick book to read, 2 hours max.
The story of Kasienka was not so to my taste, the way it was portrayed and the way Sarah Crossan went about the different subjects covered- bullying, falling in love, parent problems, desertion ect.- wasn't done in a way that I found easy to relate to or inspiring. It was easy to finish because of the poetry like writing and the fact that it was so quick, but it was really difficult for me to enjoy, because I just didn't like the way things were done.
It would be a really easy read and a great way to cover change and all the other topic's that I mentioned it cover's, but for some I don't believe it will hit the right spot.
I would give it a 2 out of five.

Thank you to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

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