Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girl Parts by John M. Cusick review...

Author- John M. Cusick.
Publish Date- December 2011.
Publisher- Walker Books.


David is rich and has an abundant amount of friends, online and off; he's not at all the kind of person who ought to be linked to Charlie, the loner boy who's disconnected from society and who takes more joy in learning about the envronment then he does from talking to the people around him. And that's only one of the reasons he is classified as being strange.
After the online suicide of a girl the two are bought together in their classification of being depressed.
Neither of them actually feel like they are connected or a part of anything around them. Not until they meet Rose.
Part girl. Part robot and everything a boy could ever want.
But as the three become intertwined and learn secrets and fight off heartbreak they will become more connected then they could have ever imagined.
It is the future. And every move costs someone something.
Thank you to Walker Books for this review copy!

What I thought:
Firstly, I really like this cover- Rose is a partly robotic girl who is bought into David's life when his family is informed that he might be depressed. She is perfect, exactly the kind of girl that David secretly longs to be able to go out with. But when he tries to get close to her sooner then her Intimacy Clock thinks is right he gets a shock. Literally. And things start to get strained between the two when he wants more then she can give... well the cover really explains the part about Rose being robotic and coming prepackaged, only alive for David's sake.
The story wasn't at all what I expected- it held a lot more of a higher YA content then I expected and there were a few fairly deep sexual refrences (not deep as in hard to understand, deep as in for an older age group) plus a fair but of swearing. I didn't fully connect with Cusick's writing and one of the things that got to me was the way David and his friends sexually degraded females when they spoke, the way they spoke so crudely and offhandly about them. I hate that in anything and in this, when it was quite full on (for me) it was a bit much.
Charlie is a really sweet character and I love the way he and Rose connect and befriend each other- he is definitely my favourite character in this book.
I would give this a 1 out of 5.


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