Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Queen of the Night by Leanne Hall review...

Title- Queen of the Night.
Author- Leanne Hall.
Publish date- March 2012.
Publisher- Text Publishing.
Book 1 in the series- This is Shyness.

*This review may contain (and does contain) spoilers for those that have not yet indulged and read This is Shyness.*

What I thought:
This is Shyness was one of my top books of 2011, number 11 actually, and I've been desperate to read this, the sequel, for ages!
It didn't disappoint, quite the opposite! I loved returning to Shyness, the crazy place where things that are strange are natural and where darkness is all anyone lives under, I loved reading about how Wildgirl and Wolfboy had changed and I loved the meeting between the two once they do meet again. They are absolutely, definitely one of my favourite book couples- they're both impefectly perfect together and I love the scenes Leanne writes between the two.
The whole book is perfection in 288 pages- I was a massive fan of This is Shyness. Now I'm a massively major fan of Leanne Hall and her work. Massively major, now that is impressive.
10 out of 5.

P.S. There is a little bit of swearing, though less then in the first book, so 14+ by my recommendation.

Thank you to Text Publishing for this review copy!

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