Tuesday, May 8, 2012

French Ties by Jane Webster review...

Title- French Ties.
Author- Jane Webster.
Publish date- March 2012.
Publisher- Penguin.

Thank you to Penguin Australia for this review copy!

What I thought:
As soon as I opened this book I knew I was going to adore browsing through it's pages (Which smell rather nice!) and I did! I love the photography the most, it is enchanting and compliments the story so well- the house that the Websters bought is amazing and the story that goes with it is just as wonderful! I love the whole layout of this book, the cover, even the font! The only thing I didn't quite understand in this book is this- the family move between Australia and France and I don't know what their house in Australia is like, but if you have a house as exquisit as the one they own in France, I have no idea why you would ever leave!
Definitely get this, it's beautiful!


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