Monday, May 28, 2012

A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan review...(not my average review...)

Title- A Long Long Sleep.
Author- Anna Sheehan.
Publish date- 2011.
Publisher- Candlewick Press.


What I thought:
Page one. Swept up.
Page ten. Equally Swept up.
Page forty-six. Nabinki and Otto are most interesting.
Page fifty. I'm upto page fifty already?
Page fifty-four. She got a dog! He's so sweet!
Page seventy-five. Oh no, what's this? Bad. Very, very bad.
Page eighty-eight. Oh, hi Bren.
Page one-hundred-and-one. Stealthy Rose, stealthy.
Page one-fifty. Am I already almost half way? Bren, don't be so harsh! She's had a tough time!
Page two-hundred. Unfair unfair unfair horrid horrid horrid go away go away go away you nasties!
Page two-twentyfive. Aagh. Aagh. Aagh,
Page two-fifty. I hate you! How could you do that?!
Page two-fiftythree. Best scene ever.
Page two-seventythree. Leave I tell you! 
Page three-zeroeight. No!
Page three-ten. AAAAAAAGGGGHGHHHHH! No no no no no no. No. Please. Why?
Page three-twentyfive. Well I love that.
Page... page... page... page... More? Any more? Please. More?


Thank you to Karis at YA Litwit! I won it!

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  1. Great review! Extremely creative. Love your blog as well.
    Hey, I was trying to e-mail you ... was wondering if you take recommendations for reviews -- but I couldn't find your email address. Anyway, my book THE PUZZLE MASTER, is the one in question. Let me know if I can send you a Kindle copy. Thanks!


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