Sunday, June 10, 2012

AWW Baking Day...

Title- Baking Day.
Publish date- ACP Books.
Publisher- 2012.


What I thought:
I knew, as soon as I opened the package that contained Baking Day, that it was going to be a popular book between my family; I tend to have mimi catastrophic disasters whenever I enter the kitchen and had thus been warded off, not wholly willing to commit to another possible disaster which would leave me feeling very let down, but within two weeks of getting Baking Day I had baked as many things, been into the kitchen for personal baking more times then I had for quite some time. And I loved it! I baked a ginger caramel cake (the icing didn't entirely work, but I still loved it!) and then made Macroons as a treat for my niece. Since then I have regularly been cooking in the kitchen. Baking Day is the kind of book, full of beautifully photographed foods and easy to follow, quick, recipes, that makes you want to bake bake bake until you've got food everywhere.
I love the layout of the whole book- the fifties look of really great and I love the textured feel of the cover and the only thing that isn't a hundred percent fantastic about the book is the fact that it's so enticing that everyone wants it!
I recommend it for so many people- please try it!

Thank you to ACP books for this review copy!

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  1. i have this book and it's great.
    AWW recipes are usually pretty reliable.
    i made the melting moments and iced them half with the icing recipes and half with chocolate icing. they were delicious :)


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