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When you were mine by Rebecca Serle review...

Title- When you were mine.
Author- Rebecca Serle.
Publish date- May 2012.
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.
RRP: $16.99


What I thought:
I was a little unsure when coming into this- I quite liked the idea of the story of the girl Romeo loved before he met Juliet, Rosaline who was supposedly his true love, but I also loved Romeo and Juliet when I read it last year and, as Juliet is supposedly crazy in this retelling, I was hesitant to let it change my opinion of Shakespeare's story. But it didn't. Oh it didn't!

When Rosaline and Rob get together it's bittersweet- I already liked Rosaline and knew what Rob was going to do, so I had it in for him... but seeing her so in love makes that a little harder. Until he falls in love with Juliet and doesn't even have the decency to let Rose know before he starts kissing her; obviously everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet- you know they the two fall in love, but it didn't seem as if you were reading a story that you knew all the parts to... for one, this isn't the story of either Romeo or Juliet, you see everything from a different point of view, and though yes subconsciously you know the story, you don't really piece it together until the certain pieces click together... example.

There's a school dance and Juliet asks Rob wether he'll take her. Rose's already going with her two best friends but he accepts. It's crazy, he's supposed to be falling in love with one person but he's going to the dance with another. And he does all this in front of Rose, then says he was doing it for her. It seems entirely unfair until you remember what this is. Then it makes sense, though not always a nice kind of sense.

*Spoiler* (Highlight writing if you've read the book)
*I really hated the way that Rob came back begging for Rosaline's forgiveness... I hated that he did that after letting her go... especially when she had just started falling in love with someone else, it made him seem stupid and like a bit of a louse; just because he had fought with J that means he wants R back... but I am glad that it happened, because she realised that she was over him, ready to move on... she saw that they weren't ever going to be right again and she knew that it was right.*

Overall I adored this book- the characters are all wonderful (though they don't always do the right things *Pointed stare at Rob.*) and they're not at all mad. (Juliet's supposedly crazy? That's the rumour mill... in the book. Don't let it sway you!) And I loved the freshness of Rebecca Serle's writing- it's no surprise that the film rights have already been nabbed- I can't wait to see what happens there!

So if you're worried that this will change your mind about the story Romeo and Juliet, I suggest grabbing a copy and trying it out anyway- I think you'll be happily surprised.
Oh, but be warey of minor language and themes.


Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!

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