Friday, July 6, 2012

Trying War by S.D. Gentill review...

Title- Trying War. (Book #2 in the Hero trilogy)
Author- S.D. Gentill.
Publish date- March 2012.
Publisher- Pantera Press.

*Review may contain spoilers for those who have not read Chasing Odysseus.)


What I thought:
When I read Chasing Odysseus back in November 2010 I adored it- it was unlike anything I had ever read before and the story stayed with me long after I finished it; I have been eagerly awaiting Trying War- after the cliff hanger that ended Chasing Odysseus- but I was just a little nervous, going back into the world that I hadn't visited in over a year, I wondered if I would slip back into the world of The Hero Trilogy as easily as I did with book 1, re-acquainting myself with the characters and following their perilous journey. It took me one page to realise that I shouldn't have even considered that it would be harder- I was sucked in before I knew it and avidly following the trail of the three brothers as they themselves followed the trail of their kidnapped sister. Trying War is, by now unsurprisingly, another excellent book from Sulari Gentill.

The Characters-
are all just as thrilling to read about as they were in Chasing Odysseus... I could never pick a favourite because they are all completely different and I love them all, but I will never stop loving how Machaon, Lycon and Cadmus all love Hero so dearly, despite all her rituals and prayers to the Gods!

The Storyline-
was just as maravllous and captivating as that of book one- there was even more danger and adventure... and a touch of beautifully written romance. It was never slow going, but not too fast.

What can I say? It is another beautiful creation from the epic mind of Sulari Gentill. Now I just have to wait for more.

Thank you to Pantera Press for this review copy!

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  1. oooh! i want to read this! I read Chasing Odysseus a while back, courtesy of your giveaway (thanks!) and loved it so i need to get my hands on this one!


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