Monday, August 27, 2012

Black Heart Blue by Lousia Reid...

Title- Black Heart Blue.
Author- Louisa Reid.
Publish date- July 2012. 
Publisher- Razorbill and Michael Joseph. (Penguin AU)


Thank you to Penguin for this review copy!

What I thought:
From the description of Black Heart Blue I knew immediately that it would be a very heavy, intense, book- I have read a few books that deal with abuse, India Dark probably being the main one, but I certainly hadn't read anything of the sort for some time, so I was mildly tentative... yet I also felt sure that I wouldn't be disappointed, which I definitely haven't felt before reading a book I know so little about from an author I've never read anything of before.

The story starts soon after Hepzinah has died, and is told from two POV's, in two time settings- Hepzibah, the beautiful twin, tells her story of being accepted into social circles at Collage, of wanting to fall in love, all from the Before point of view.
Rebecca, the disfigured, outcast twin, tells her own story from the time after the accident that took her sisters life- she tells of entering a world unlike any she ever knew and being welcomed with horrified stares and cruel words.
Both the girls stories, though at times Hepzi's seemed to be a little fickle, are beautiful and end in a crescendo that I never could have expected when I began to read- they are heartwrenching and tear inducing, written superbly and always believeably. They are honest and tragic and scary, and they are, above all, touching... touching in ways that I have neve before felt with a book.

Romi. xoxo

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