Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coraline by Neil Gaiman 10th Anniversary Edition...

Title- Coraline. (10th Anniversary Edition.)
Author- Neil Gaiman.
Publish date- 3d September, 2012.
Publisher- Bloomsbury.



Thank you to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

What I thought:
Coraline was a book that I had heard a lot about, had known of for years, before I decided that I wanted to read it- I'm only sorry it took me so long!
I saw the film about a year before I read it, and it was a little bit of a turn off- I didn't really like it, it was strange and a little scary, especially for a childrens movie, but regardless I wanted to read the book for myself, and yes, it is a scary book, especially for a childrens book. It's unnerving. It's nightmarish. Because it's supposed to be... to me, it's the story of a girl who has to get lost to find out who she truly is, just like that magnificent quote (I forget who said it) says. And it is a scary, terrifying and magnificent story that I wish I had read when I was younger. Because, above all, above terrifying "Other mothers" and alternate universes where nothing is quite right and you have to fight to go home, it's the story about a girl who needs to be incredibly strong to resist temptation for things she has wanted desperately in her old life... and she's only a child, a child who has to make huge decisions and it is a book, that even as a 16 year old, has changed me (and will continue to) enormously.

The illustrations by Chris Riddell, whom I have been a huge fan of for years, since I read Fergus Crane and the Edge Chronicles, are both stunning, accurate and horrible- they show the terrible things that happen in the "Other world" so exquisitely and perfectly that I both look at them for minutes at a time, to catch all the intricate details, but also want to turn away from so as not to get the image of a "Other Mother" burnt into my memory- they are perfect!

I would change nothing about Coraline- it's one of the most perfect novels I have ever read and is a novel that makes me thankful, more thankful, for everything I have now.


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  1. Oh wow, this book does sound amazing going by your review. I still have to read anything by Neil Gaiman, maybe I should pick this up.


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