Thursday, September 13, 2012

Something like normal by Trish Doller...

Title- Something Like Nomal.
Author- Trish Doller.
Publish date- August 2012.
Publisher- Bloomsbury.


Thank you to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

What I thought:
I'm not sure what was the thing that intrigued me most about this book when I heard about it mid last year- the storyline sounded interesting, not like that of anything I had ever read- that and a lot of other things, made me decide to try it out.
The thing that struck me first was 

There is quite a lot of swearing and sexual refrences, a bit too much of an overload for me in any book, so doubly so such a short one- I confess that I counted, in the space of about twenty pages/fifteen minutes of reading, how many swearwords ect. were uttered... then counted different things, it went something like this-

Eff's- 9.
Fingers (giving someone the finger)- 2.
Remarks on sex (not generally lightly put)- 3-4.

That's probably about enough for an entire book, for me, and perhaps if I had known about it earlier I mightn't have been so interested, I would have been less game. Wether that is a good thing or not I cannot say- I just really don't like swearing and untastefully crude chat.

One thing, probably the main thing, I couldn't understand was Harper- she seems like a really sweet character who's reputation was blown to pieces when she was thirteen and Travis embellished a kiss betwen the two. He ruined her teen years, and yet she lets him into her life... she nursed her hate for him for years, punches him, and the next day takes him to breakfast. Before you know it she's letting him into her life, which seemed radical... I would have imagined her to be very cautious and never want to have anything to do with him, whereas it's the opposite.

Something Like Normal just didn't have the special something that favourite books hold- it was a really interesting story, but it seemed abrupt and I think that certainly would have imporved with length, though I don't believe I would have kept reading it if it was double the size... I didn't like the choices Travis made, which I suppose is one of the things he wants to change about himself, I didn't like the way Harper reacted to things, and I didn't like how relaxed Travis would ocassionally seem about the things he was doing, some pretty drastic things.

Overall it wasn't a me read- I think higher young adult readers would like it more- the story is really interesting, especially when we learn more about what happened in Afghanistan to make him get extra leave. Very interesting and unlike anything I've ever read, but not one I would read again or recommend to anyone under the age of 16.

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