Monday, September 3, 2012

Survive by Alex Morel...

Title- Survive.
Author- Alex Morel.
Publish date- July 2012.
Publisher- Hardie Grant Egmont.


Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont for this review copy!

What I thought:
I couldn't specificially pinpoint my dislike for this book on one single thing- there are many things, some big, some small, that have all congregated to make this book stand out as being one I didn't enjoy reading- I finished reading it mostly because it intrigued me... I am really very interested in the idea, the story, but the way it was written just didn't work for me. Here are the three things that got to me most about it-

1. The protagonist, Jane, is suicidal- her father killed himself on christmas eve and so did his father, and her grandmother- she never seems especially worried about this fact, she just seems... perhaps tired is the best way to describe it. She's living in rehabilatation and has tried to kill herself twice already before coming up with the plan to get on a plane, take a bunch of pills and finish the job she's never been able to do before. (The following contains spoilers- highlight to read) And yet, after Paul dies, she stops trying to kill herself, or so it seems from the epilouge. She seems to have moved on- supposedly because she realised, with him, that she needed to live... but it seemed unrealistic, that after so much trauma, she was able to stop cutting, not to overdose again...?
2. Paul. Jane doesn't like him at all when they first meet on the plane, and yet, after mere days, the two make a connection end up falling in love. It seemed like it was going to happen, but if I had just seen everyone else in the plane I was in lying dead in the snow, only to be faced with possible death myself, I wound be a little more worried about finding my way out of the wilderness than starting a relationship.
3. The staff at Jane's place of rehabilatation.  I am frankly stunned that they let her off so easily- on her way to the plane, for instance, she goes into a drug store and buys all the drugs she needs to make sure she never wakes up again, the pretense of buying christmas presents for her mother as her cover- the chemist isn't on the approved list of places, and yet she is let off the hook... no bag search, nothing. And Jane seems to think that Old Doctor has a sense of what she's going to do, I got the feeling too, and yet he does nothing. 

I was really hoping I would love Survive, and I'm sad that I didn't connect with it as I hoped, but it often seemed to me that ridiculous things happened, that the way the characters coped and did things were unrealistic, and I suppose I expected something different, I can't say for sure what.

So I did really like the idea for Survive, and I think it is definitely going to work for a lot of people- even though it's about tough subjects it wasn't, for me, a really full on read, so if that is the same for other readers, it will be a easy going read on a subject they might never have read about before.
Also, the cover- I love it.

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