Thursday, November 8, 2012

Limoncello and Linen Water review...

Title-Limoncello and Linen Water.
Author- Tessa Kiros.
Publish date- October 2012.
Publisher- Murdoch Books.


Thank you to Murdoch Books for this review copy.

What I thought:
As soon as I opened Limoncello and Linen Water, as soon as I saw the cover, I knew I had come into something truly beautiful- there is such an incredible attention to detail and everything just works together so well that it's very easy to get swept up in flicking through the pages and find yourself coming out of a kind of wonderland.

My favourite points of the book were as follows-

1. The layout.
I've read books and cookbooks that haven't been set out particularly well, they're messy and dont have enough pictures of the food and they just don't have as much of a draw as books that are layed out in a really stunning way, like this one. It was easy reading in small sections amid old photos and recpies, so you got a bit of everything but not one thing all at once, which I love.

2. The photography.
I have a tendency to fall in love with any book if it has stunning photograhy, even if I don't like anything else about the book- photographs are important to me and Limoncello and Linen Water did not disappoint; the vintage photographs alongside stories, the many pictures of drool worthy food, THE COVER, it's all just a beautiful mix.

3. The recipes.
If I were just to flick through this book I would probably easily come across about three different recipes I would be willing to brave the stormy seas of my kitchen to make- there is the Sweet Pizzas, The Pizza Fritta (FTL FRIED PIZZA), Focaccia with strawberries (see how I'm overall mentioning 2-1 sweet foods?) and so many more- I see a cookbook and I generally pick out the sweet foods, but there many foods I would cook that are for main meal, not just dessert. Did I mention- FRIED PIZZA. Fried. Pizza. And it is apparently 'surprisingly light'. WIN!

Another point- it smells great, this book; and books that smell great get extra awesomeness points.

Obviously there were things I didn't like- quite a sizable chapter was set aside for meat based foods and I'm a vegetarian, so that wasn't particularly my favourite part, but the fact that so much of the meat based recpies were in that part and only dotted about ocassionally throughout the rest of the book was great for me!

This is such a great book with so many incredibe recpies that I'm sure I'll be making soon and overall I would highly recommend it.



  1. Definitely on my Xmas list. I just posted about her Apple Cake and I have to say, I can't think of one of her recipes I haven't enjoyed.

    1. Aah, I hope you get it and LOVE it- it is seriously aa work of art! x.


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