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Reached by Ally Condie.

Title- Reached.
Author- Ally Condie.
Publish date- November 2012.
Publisher- Penguin.

*Review may contain spoilers to other books in the series*
Read my review of Matched.
Read my review of Crossed.



What I thought:
Ever since I first read Matched this has been one of my favourite series'- Matched was the first YA dystopian novel I ever read and, no matter what the rest of the series held, it will always be a book that I hold very close to me.

Throughout my reading of Reached, a reading that spanned 10 days, a reading time which agonises me (I was busy!), this cover really annoyed me. I love the way the covers in the series are all linked up with Cassia breaking out of the glass ball, but I have always liked the first cover the most. But there is more than just prefrence in my annoyance for this- in the cover for Crossed, Cassia has broken through the ball with her arm at the top and her foot at the bottom, and I know it's just a small thing but where, on the cover for Reached, is that foot hole? WHERE? Because I don't see it and I've had plenty of time to look. Why couldn't there just not be a foot hole if it wasn't going to be a part of the final cover? I just can't stand it! Regardless of all that, though, I do love the dimension on the cover of Reached- the way the glass has shattered and you can tell it's been thick. I like that quite a lot.

The fact that this book is a little under the size of Matched amuses me, but it shocked me when I got my copy in the post, and I am sure it could have been a hundred, a hundred and fifty pages shorter, keeping in the size range of Crossed, if not Matched. The size also made the plot drag and become downright boring at times, which is not what I wanted or expected from a series that I was so looking forward to finishing. But, none the less, it dragged- there were newfound plot twists about 200 pages before the end and things picked up again, but before that I had already spent at least a hundred pages being bored with the story and thinking that, if they just did this it would all be sorted.

I do love the writing in these books, despite wether or not I always enjoy the plot- it's so soft and I have said since the beginning that I think it is like a poem. It's a little unreal, reading these books- they seem frail and delicate and something you have to deal with tenderly, and I love the patterns in the words. For that the books will also stick with me.

(*Possible spoilers)
The romance. THE ROMANCE. It's been a major point of this series, which was also my very first love triange series.
I didn't like it. I didn't like the 'triangle' or the way the characters delt with their love.
Now, yes- I do have prefrences to who I hope the character will fall for in these triangles, even if I personally can't stand the "team" thing. But even from the beginning, before I knew it was a love triangle (to be truthful, before I knew what a love triangle was) I haven't felt like there was much competition for Cassia's affections and I didn't predict a change in them. And I just found the neatness of the ending, the tying up of this love triangle, to be far too tidy and easy for everyone.
(*End of possible spoilers*)

Finally a quick note on the characters- for so much of this book I really found all of them frustrating, Ky least of all because I felt like he had the smallest part.
 Cassia seemed so needy and I just felt like she was acting like she needed either Ky of Xander beside her at all times to go on. She thought of them both so often when they weren't with her that I could barely stand it and didn't think that was how she had previously acted. I've always thought of her as a strong character, so this was a huge let down.

I did like the book as a ending, but not much more. The poetical style of writing, some of the ideas- little things caught my attention, but they were almost always outweighed by the negatives.

I would still, despite this whole review and my problems with Crossed (because I had a few) I would still recommend people try these... or maybe not 'these'- I would recommend Matched, but probably warn them to stop before going any further.



  1. Oh no! Too bad you didn't really enjoy this one. I've been looking forward to it, though I didn't like Crossed at all. Hope I'll like it more! :) Thanks for the honest review!

    1. I hope you like it more, too! I've heard of quite a few people having problems with Crossed and though I didn't like it nearly as much as Matched, I still liked it. I'll keep an eye out, incase you review this one! Interested to see what you think! x

  2. I'm sorry you didn't like this much Romi. I really loved the first one, it was one of the first newer YA Dystopians I'd read and it felt really fresh and exciting. I was REALLY disappointed in the second book, it really dragged and I didn't actually feel like the plot progressed at all.

    I had hoped that the final book would have improved a bit - that she would know what the end of the series was going to be even if she didn't know the middle - but it seems not.

    1. I totally agree with you about the first one- it was such an amazing novel and I still love it now, despite my thoughts on the rest of the series. I still quite enjoyed Crossed, though it was definitely a step down, but this would have to take the pancake for my least favourite.


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