Monday, February 27, 2012

Fury by Elizabeth Miles review...

Title- Fury.
Author- Elizabeth Miles.
Publish Date- August 2011.
Publisher-Simon and Schuster.
RRP- $24.99

Now for the review...

Emily Winters is loving the Winter holidays just as much as she always does,  especially this year, when the guy she's started having feelings for starts to finally notice her. But she knows one thing for sure, if she wants to start a relationship with him, and she's almost certain she does, there isn't going to be any going back, because he's dating her best friend.
And then there's Chase, he with his rising in the social status, despite the fact that he comes from a poor background- but when he becomes haunted by something that the person he's pretending to be would never have done, things start to get a little creepy...
Both Emily and Chase are united unwittingly with the suicide attempt of Sasha, a girl they both knew and who was taunted for being different.
Now three mysterious girls with wreaths of orchids at the ready, are out to make the wrongdoers pay...

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!

What I thought:
I, firstly, am really intrigued by this cover- the dress is so simple and pretty, tied at the side with a ivy green sash, and the orange, flamey hair, it makes the whole thing most intriguing.
The cover girl is Ty, a most deadly character in the book...
The storyline was really interesting, but overall I was pretty creeped out by the Furies, the three sisters out for revenge, they are absolutely scary and I did not like meeting them; so as in the book they are very prominent characters, masquerading as nice young girls from time to time, I didn't like Fury- I was way too scared of these three to enjoy it, and that's saying something!
The fact that Emily started falling for her best, and I mean best- this is the girl who's stuck by her for almost her whole life, through terribly hard times and all- friend's boyfriend, I found that a little crazy; Emily knew she shouldn't get involved, but she pushed those thoughts aside and I just thought that was the wrong move.
Which I suppose is why the Furies sought her out... only you will have to wait and find out wether she escapes their wrath...


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson review...

Title- Hunting Lila.
Author- Sarah Alderson.
Publish Date- September 2011.
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.
RRP- $16.99

Now for my review...

17 year old Lila thought that she was getting pretty expert at hiding her strange and very secret talent, the talent that she uncovered three years ago and that allows her to move objects with her mind, and she was expert at hiding it. Until she is mugged and the knife that was being held to her throat is being pointed directly at the eye of one of her muggers. It's not a hard decision for Lila to leave England, where she's been living practically alone for the last five years,  ever since her mother was murdered, and head to California, where her brother, Jack, and his best friend, Alex, are living and working. The decision is, in fact, made all the easier by Lila's burning desire to see Alex again, the boy she fell in love with when she was a child.
But all is not as it seems in sunny California, and dark secrets are becoming unearthed...

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!

What I thought:
My favourite thing about Hunting Lila was probably the cover- I really like it for all it holds, all the questions it asks the eventual reader- that's the main reason I wanted to read this book, I think, that and the fact that I was most intrigued in it's blurb.
I was, sadly, disappointed. Hunting Lila didn't hold anything fantastic for me and even though it had a slight cliffhanger ending, I don't think I'll read book 2 in the series when it comes out.
The whole thing was workable, and is workable for a lot of people, but for me it was too unbelieveable- the questions wether the 'bad' people with the dangerous powers like Lila's were plotting to take over the world with nuclear weapons and the romance Lila was envisaging for herself with Alex, the toned and muscle galore man of her dreams who Lila was sure would "obviously" never notice her, especially not with the competition of his boss, Rachel- it was all a little over the top and I found myself forseeing what would happen.
Overall, this will be a thrilling read for a lot of people- paranormal/romance/modern day lovers, it will be a sure winner, but for me, it just didn't hit the right notes.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Fault in our Stars by John Green, review...

Title- The Fault in our Stars.
Author- John Green.
Publish Date-11th January 2012.
Publisher- Penguin.

Now for the review...

When Hazel Lancaster turns sixteen her mother decides that she is depressed. The fact that she had a form of cancer that can't be treated, but only prolonged, obviously isn't the reason that Hazel thinks of death a lot, and so she is forced to go to a Cancer Support Group- it is not something Hazel enjoys and the day she least wants to go, but is made to, she meets a boy who is quite possibly going to change her life.
Augustus Waters is the boy with the life changing possibility and he is unlike anyone she's ever met- he is different and life suddenly seems a lot less bleak and pre-written with him around...

Thank you to Penguin for this review copy!

What I thought:
I was a touch unsure wether I would like The Fault in our Stars, because I'd attempted to read two of John Green's other books and hadn't liked them at all, so I entered the pages with a slight trepidation- I was... astounded.
I was thrilled.
I was, and am, incurably in love with this book!
The characters, mainly Hazel and Augustus, are amazingly well written, literate and both were filled with book quoting genius.
They weren't in any way "run of the mill" characters or the least bit like any other people I've met in books.
They were truly unique, ust like this story.
Now the story is easily and acurately, in my mind, described in the five words on the back cover-
Insightful. (Absolutely!)
Bold. (Too true)
Irreverent. (Ah- YES!)
And RAW. (Needless to say it is this too.)

This is definitely a book to read at all times- it is heartbreaking and powerful, funny and touching.
I adored it.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Shattered by Robin Wasserman review...

Title- Shattered.
Author- Robin Wasserman.
Publish Date-2011.
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.

Now for the Review...

After her accident Lia Khan, rich, pampered Lia Kahn, was put into a new body. A mechanical body. A body no longer human. The only part left of her was her brain and it was transferred into this new mech creation, leaving her with a perfect memory.
But though Mech's, or Skinners as the Orgs, or humans, call them, aren't something out of the ordinary, they're becoming common, they are unliked and treated as being different.
So Lia left her home and ended up at a kind of resort, a place to do nothing or everything. She can do all she wishes... until Jude, he who thinks he rules this place that a group of teenager Mech's live at, sends her and another Mech called Riley off to pick up some "supplies".
A Mass killing takes place and only Riley and Lia are left standing, and fleeing.
The evidence. A Video streamed all across the internet featuring Lia's face smiling and telling the Orgs to prepair for war, before pouring deathly gas into the air vents.
But Lia isn't going down that easy, she's prepaired to fight for her freedom, and fight to find out the truth.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!

What I thought:
I realised, when Shattered was the only book I had packed for a weekend away from home, that it is in fact book 2 in a trilogy. Oh bad move Romi, bad move.
I read it nonetheless, hoping that book one didn't hold too many important clues to what was happening, hoping I would be able to make sense of everything happening and was duly amazed. There were one or two mentions to an event that occured in book one, and of course that was when Lia had her accident, but from the links back there werre explainations and I'm not yet sure if I would have liked to start with book one, as Lia sounds like... well, not the nicest character in that book.
It was a really interesting way to start this series and I'm most glad I made the mistake and requested book 2, because I loved it!
It was slow for the first 100 pages or so, but being a Dystiopian, and the fact that it was my only reading material whilst away, I was byast and pushed through.
Wow. It was terrific! A really amazing, and scary, world of Mechanical beings and human's starting to be at war with each other, it really was a most interesting, and drawing in, read! Definitely grab a copy and, if you like, grab book 2 before book one! I'd love to see if you liked reading it this way too!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why we broke up by Daniel Handler review...

Title- Why we Broke Up.
Author- Daniel Handler- Aka known as Lemony Snicket when using his Non de Plume.
Publish Date-1st February 2012.
Publisher- Hardie Grant Egmont.

Now for the review...

Min and Ed were an admired couple. They were so in love, it was obvious and though Min is different from the type of girls that basketball players usually date, and she can't, almost, believe that she is actually dating Ed Slaterton, massively popular high school basketball player, dated. Because she's breaking up with him, well, finishing breaking up with him.
She's giving him back all the tender memories she held, the bottle caps that he gave her when they first met, the gergous cookbook that will tear her up to give him but that she couldn't look at again, not in the same way... everything, down to the rose petals in the bottom of the box, dried and sad. Those are the end.
But we learn about the relastionship as Min writes to Ed, making him remember what each thing meant to them. We see them meet, fall in love and then fall even more deeply in love, but I don't think anyone can say they truly liked Ed, because he breaks Min's heart and we are left waiting to find out why. And this is why, why they broke up...

What I thought:
This is a beautiful piece of work, from the tenderly written words to the beautiful pictures drawn by Maria Kalman, depicting all those memories Ed and Min shared, it is a work of the most astounding nature and uncomparable to other books, because it it quite unlike any others about.
The story is fondly written, Min reminiscing over the times she shared with Ed, the boy she came to love more than she knew was possible, and ending at the end, where she can no longer believe  in how much she loved him, because she hates him so, so strongly.
The characters were all suberb, from Min- sweet, movie loving Min, to Ed- making you trust him Ed, seemingly so in love with Min, Ed. And ending at Al, Min's best friend and a very awesome best friend he is too.
From cover to cover I loved this book, though admittedly not wholeheartedly at all times; it is definitely one for lots of teenager, and adults too, to read.
I'd recommend it for 15+, due to themes and swearing, and prepair for a book unlike others.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Fracture by Megan Miranda review...

Title- Fracture.
Author- Megan Miranda.
Publish Date- January 27th 2012.
Publisher- Bloomsbury.

Now for the Review...

When Delany Maxwell fell under the ice the only person who ran for her was her neighbour and best friend, Decker, even though they hadn't been on best terms. He ran and called for her, screamed her name and fought to get to her, but the others present tackled him to the ground and went to fetch rope and only then was Decker able to run and try and save Delany.
By the time he managed to get her, falling in himself, she'd been under the water for eleven minutes. By that time anyone would be dead, it would be impossible, unknown not to be, especially with the tempreture, but Delany survived and was in a coma for six days.
When she woke, she realised that she was changed. She had a strange ability to sense things and she had no idea why. A frightening new ability... to sense those who are close to death...

Thank you to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

What I thought:
I really enjoyed Fracture- it was a very easy read and was enjoyable; I was very fond of Decker, mostly, and same with Delany, though both had their faults at times.
The storyline was easy to follow and not over the top anywhere, so it makes for a really good Summer, or Winter, read.
The 'creepy' parts where Delany felt who was going to die were... creepy and it made me think what it would be like to have to live with that kind of ability, so I really enjoyed seeing where that went, and the relationships throughout the story were very easy going and paceful, my favourite being the friendship of Delany and Decker. I think that was perfect.
The way Megan Miranda could write awkwardness into scenes that for other characters were easy was terrific and overall...
It is a perfect read for when your unsure of where to go... (in many senses.)
Four out of five stars on my radar but for 15+ I'd say, as there were themes.


Mara Dyer winner.

The winner of the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin was Sarah- number 8.
I've emailed, so please check your emails and reply asap!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop by Rupert Kingfisher review...

Title- Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop.
Author- Rupert Kingfisher.
Publish Date- November 2011.
Publisher- Bloomsbury.
Series- Book three in the Madame Pamplemousse series.

Review Time!

Madeleine is an aspiring chef, she works as hard as she can in all her free time, and though it's what she loves to do and wants to do more than anything else, some people don't think that's such a great thing. A new girl at her school starts bullying Madeleine and it's then, when things are really getting bad, that Madeleine meets a new friend. The seemingly nice and cheery sweet shop owner, Madame Bonbon, gives the sad Madeleine a bag of chocolates and then things start to show their true colours... Madeleine's old friends, Madame Pamplemousse and her cat, must come to the rescue, before it's too late...
Thnak you to Bloomsbury for this review copy!

What I thought:
This was a really quick, easy going read, perfect for when your sitting in bed, watching the rain pour down from outside, and it was a most interesting tale. I found Madeleine a very sweet and touching character, and though Madame Pamplemousse and her cat did seem a little shifty at times, they were in no way as strange as Madame Bonbon, who turned downright scary halfway through!
There were definitely some pretty scary situations in this book, especially for a children's book, but all together it was a nice, easy read. Recommended for 12+.


Knight Night by Owen Davey review...

Title- Knight Night.
Author- Owen Davey.
Publish Date- August 2011.
Publisher- Hardie Grant.
Readers will also enjoy- Foxly's Feast.

Now for the review...

When a knight, whatever age, wants to go to bed after a long, hard day of fighting dragons and saving people, it is none the less an adventure and could even be a trial, leaving only the upmost of strength at the end; climbing mountains just to get the relief of feeling a pillow under their head.
But that's nothing compared to jumping across a crocodile infested lake when your teeth need to be done.
Nothing at all....

Thank you to Hardie Grant for this review copy!

What I thought:
This brilliant little bedtime picture book is not only bought together by the words and illustration, but the imagination behind both- the simplicity of the story, made into something incredible using only the pictures; each story, alone, would tell vastly different stories, together they tell a whole new one, and that's really something; isn't it?
Knight is the perfect "Off you pop to bed" book for those rebel (alas I was one) spirits, boy or girl.
And it's got a truly awesome hardback cover.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Review/Competition entry of Everneath by Brodi Ashton.

I'm entering a competition that bloggers who recieved a review copy of Everneath by Brodi Ashton are open to enter. (as far as I'm aware that is correct.)
Here is my vloggy video review of Everneath.
I hope you enjoy...

I also did a wordy review of Everneath a little while ago, say months, when I recieved an ARC from Brodi Ashton. Here is it.
Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Competition...

Remember how I reviewed The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer a short time ago? I adored it. Adored it. And you can be sure it's going to be in my top ten of books read this year.

Mara Dyer is an absolutely thrilling read. Thrilling. So I am of course justified for saying these things twice, because of my utter, utter, love for this book.
Well, the very lovely publishing company Simon and Schuster (Thank you Caroline!) has given me a copy to be given away right here, right now!
Here are the entry details-
Open in Australia only.
Random Draw using the faithful and oh so fun Rafflecoptor.
One winner only.
Entrants must be 15+ because of themes in this book.

I think that's all...
Well, this competition runs from the 5th until the 9th of February 2012, so get entering!

Have fun and goodluck!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winnie the Pooh Hide and Peek.

Title- Winnie the Pooh Hide and Peek.
Author- Based on the classic storys by A.A. Milne.
Publish Date- 2012. ( I think)
Publisher- Hardie Grant Egmont.

Now for the review...

Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre wood are all playing together, Hide and Seek! You have to be the finder, so be sure to look behind every branch, twig, rock and bush to make sure you don't miss any of them! They're particularly clever at hiding... as long as they aren't hungry for Honey!

Thank you to Hardie Grant Egmont for this review copy!

What I thought:
A very sweet book in the style of A.A Milne and E.H. Shepard, but with a new illustrator (Andrew Grey). The story of very simple and sweet, perfect for young children and overall it is a top book to read and enjoy exclaiming over! The only part I didn't like? Who's the Gloomiest animal in the forest... Eeyore. I've always felt sad for him.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

YAY for a Q&A!

I adore Dystopian novels.
It's not a secret.
One of my favourite Dystopian novels of 2011 was Article 5 by Kristen Simmons.
I adore adore adored it. A Lot.
And Kristen graciously and awesomely answered a few questions for me... have a look at this terrific Q&A!

When did you know you wanted to become an author?
I’ve wanted to be an author ever since I was little. From a young age I was drawing, then writing, the adventures of my dog, cat, and hamster - in one story they even participated in the Olympics! I loved plotting what adventure I would send them on next. Though the characters have changed, I still love that feeling!
What did you do when you heard Article 5 was being published?
Ha. I sat there for a while in shock, and then told myself I’d probably just made it up. I proceeded with my day. It just didn’t actually seem possible. Not until I finally told my husband did it feel real. Then I screamed and jumped up and down and cried and clapped my hands and did all those silly things you do when you’re excited.
Was that your first book, or had you written stories before?
Well, I had the dog/cat/hamster adventures! Ha! I actually completed my first manuscript 10 or 11 years ago. There were four total before I wrote Article 5. They weren’t great, but they were good practice!
What was your very first job?
I sold shoes at Sears, and then at Macy’s, when I was in high school. I spent a lot of time measuring people’s stinky feet.

Are you at all like any of the characters from Article 5? Who are you most and least like? What traits do you share?
I identify with all of them at least a little bit. We all have the capacity for strength and kindness and honor, but also rage and cruelty. That being said, I probably relate most to Ember, because like her, I’m a little tenacious, and also like her, I’m a little in love with Chase. But she’s braver than I could ever be.  

Do you have an agent?
I have an amazing agent! Joanna MacKenzie, of Browne & Miller Literary Associates.

What advice can you give to aspiring authors?
If this is what you love, if it’s what you believe you’re supposed to be doing, don’t give up. Write a lot, and read a lot, and find people who share your passion. 
In a film version of Article 5, who would you choose to be Ember and Chase?
Well…I’ve got a huge Chase crush on Channing Tatum. I think he’d be a killer Chase. 

It’s between him and Puck from Glee! (Mark Salling)

I wasn’t sure who I liked for Ember, but recently someone told me about Sophia Bush and I think she’s great!

Thanks for having me Romi! As always, it’s been fun visiting with you!

Get a copy of Article 5 

by the lovely Kristen Simmons now!

Thank you so so much Kristen! I adored asking you questions and reading your answers!

Find Kristen and Article 5...
Kristen Simmons
Article 5 (Tor Teen, January 31)

A YA Giveaway Hop Winner...

The Winner of the YA Giveaway Hop was Carol T.
She's been contacted and hopefully will reply asap!

For those of you who didn't win, well, I have 97 followers via GFC now and that means when I get three more, it's competition time.

And the left over book from this competition will also be given away here at some point soon, so keep an eye out for it and many more competitions I have in the works!