Monday, January 28, 2013

Harken by Kaleb Nation...

Title- Harken.
Author- Kaleb Nation.
Publish date- January 2013.
Publisher- Unknown.


What I thought:
I really did enjoy reading Harken- more, much more, than I expected to. (Expectations- be gone!)
The storyline was fast paced, interesting, unique, engaging and full of plot twists that I never saw coming. It is a surprising novel and full of unexpected turns, both in the plot and in the characters themselves.

Something I liked about this book was the fact that I didn't always like the (three main) characters, and this especially applies to the protagonist, Michael Asher, but that fact never stopped me from caring about his story, something I don't think I've ever found in a book.
He has many faults and is frustrating, often with little sense, but despite it all? I care about his character- there's a certain something in the writing that makes me care about these characters- I am rooting for them no matter what, and there is little that can change that now.
(Similar was said about Michael by the excellent CassJayTuck in her review of Harken, which you really should watch. )
This also applies to the said other two main characters, Thad and Callista; they both also have surprising depth and learning about them throughout the story was really wonderful- in the end I became more attached to them than I expected to, even though I definitely didn't love them all the time.

Another thing I really found interesting and liked (read: when it didn't creep me out too much), was the fact that during this story Kaleb constantly messes with the readers mind. It's a conspiracy novel, so I guess that's a given - I have no experiance here!- but at one point Michael muses how many stories have been wrongly told, how many people have been incriminated for things they didn't do, because the news is so wholly controlled (and not in a good way), and that made me think and consider that question and JUST WHAT? WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?

I really enjoyed the subtle romance in Harken- it never took over/away from the story and was really interesting, layered situation. Really it was a "hardly there at all" kind of romance, and I really loved that- some books seem to lose plot and just focus on the characters falling in love, and Harken did not do that at all.

And of course, at times (especially quite intense times during which things were intense) I could picture said author just chuckling to himself and leaving the readers in PERIL.

-just leaving us readers hanging as he stands to the side watching and loving every second of it. Am I being harsh? Who wouldn't enjoy controlling the chiffhangerness and only giving out small details when absolutely necessary?

Probably my only fault with Harken was the fact that the writing ocassionally repeat itself or would use the same word to describe a situation that had just been used- that happened quite a few times and made the story less smooth than it would otherwise have been, and there were a few times when I found the wording just to be a little off, which also slowed the story's flow, just a little.

Finally, I have to say that this book had one of the best media related releases I have ever seen- I follow Kaleb on youtube and he did a really fantastic job of promoting this book- I'm not sure how far out of the sphere it got Harken, but it sure got me pumped to read it, and that gets an honourable mention in this review.

This book is awesome. It is awesome. 
Join me in the wait for book 2?

Rating- Excellent.
I really loved Harken- overall there were was almost nothing that I didn't like and am now going to hide from all media until I can read the next book...
I can wait..
and start building that time machine, at the same time. 

Thank you to Kaleb Nation for this E-ARC.


  1. Augh! Howl and Sophie and Calcifer! And Jareth! And Bert!
    OK, now that I have gotten past the GIFS, this sounds really interesting, especially your points on the characters.that you cared about them even when/though they were annoying.
    I shall have to look out for this. :-)

      I definitely recommend you check this out- unfortunately it's only available as an e-book at the moment, though hopefully it'll be bookised soon.

    2. You know now! And I'm guessing from that response that you're a fan too :-p
      Actually though, I haven't seen many Ghibli films - but my brother is borrowing a stack of them from a mate of his so that I can work my way through them, very excited! - but I do love Howl. Have you read the book? And sequels?
      And ahhhhh Labyrinth - absolutely adore the Goblin Ball scene, and the trippy Escher-staircase room scene best of all, but the whole thing is awesome.

    3. Yes, I am a huge fan! I've been watching a lot of the films recently and have had a strong love for them for years. Did you know that there's at least one more Ghibli film coming out in March? It's Hayao Miyzaki and his son, Goro, working on it together.
      I hope you enjoy them- I'd love to hear what ones you watch/what ones you really enjoyed!
      Yes! I watched the film before I read the books, but I have a deep love for the whole series- I finished them a little before I first started this blog, actually.
      I'm slowly finding out that more and more people love Labyrinth- I think I watched it about four times when I first loaned it out and adore it to bits- David Bowie is one of the most downright lovable villians; it awakens the fangirl in me, that film.
      I'd love to talk to you about it further, if you ever want to- feel free to email me!


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