Friday, February 15, 2013

Mini Reviews (1)

Mini Review.

Chu's Day- Neil Gaiman.
Published by Bloomsbury.
So last year I read my first ever Neil Gaiman book. It was Coraline and it ended up being one of my top ten books for 2012, but also one of my top books for life. I was incredibly excited to see what would come from a picture book written by that incredible man. I didn't think that this was the best picture book I ever read, I thought it could have had a lot more substance, but I also think it's very sweet. It's simple. I started to wonder wether there was actually going to be anything to it, when the last few pages revealed that I should not have doubted Neil Gaiman. This book I would recommend, particularly for one of those first books. It is undoubtably not what I expected, but I found it amusing and that, actual amusement-in-a-good-way is what I like to see in a picture book.
Rating- Hmm...
So I didn't outright love this, I think it could have been a little more, but I definitely didn't hate it. A fun read that is really actually funny. 'Specially towards the end.

Thank you Bloomsbury Australia for this review book.


  1. I loved Coraline! Such a great story & have you watched the movie? So freaking awesome! :)

    I def. want to read more of his work. A picture book sounds cute.

    Great review.

    1. I totally agree- I'm so glad I read it last year, wish I had read it sooner, actually. I saw maybe 60 percent of the movie when it was on tv a couple of years ago but it didn't click with me- I hadn't read the book at that point and didn't particularly like the animatoin style, myself, though I don't think it would be a bad idea to watch it again, now I've read the book.
      So do I- he writes such amazing things!

  2. augh, I hate stereotypical mean girls and it does sound like it's hard to suspend belief! Sorry you didn't like it. Chu's Day sounds adorable and I'm excited to read it.

    1. I agree with you- especially, as in many books and TIKC included, the ones who were previously best friends and have turned into arch enemies.
      Hope you enjoy Chu's Day- it's sweet.


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