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Mini Reviews (2) The Maze Runner Series.

Mini Reviews.
The Maze Runner Series.
*Warning- review of books 2 and 3 will contain spoilers to those who have not read the series.*

The Maze Runner- James Dashner.
Published by Ember.
I knew hardly anything about this series, apart from the back cover synopsis, when I bought it- it was a whim book, a narrowed down choice from a few various titles I was keen to read, and this ended up being my choice. There is so much I love about this book- the cover, unlike so many covers for books around the place, really suits the story- I look it and I see the maze, the danger, the unknown. I see what the characters go through. The storyline is fascinating and captivating and full of ideas that are yet to be tried, questions I yearned to learn the answers for. The excitement, the terror, the Grievers- it was all so clear to me as I read, and from beginning to end, that clarity didn't fade. 
Rating- Excellent/Big Explosion MIND BLOWN-
It didn't quite get to be one of my all time favourite books, though this did make it's way onto my top ten for 2012. It was missing something that would have pushed it across to MIND BLOWN level, but it was very close. Definitely recommend.

The Scorch Trials- James Dashner.
Published by Ember.
The Scorch Trials (which is a title I am still mastering because I'm terrible at spelling scorch without a t- don't ask me why) starts off directly after The Maze Runner finishes, something I always love in a book, and it sets itself up for another trial, this one perhaps more dangerous and life-threatening than what they experianced in the maze. I enjoyed this, but it definitely felt like a step down from The Maze Runner- nothing felt quite so fresh, even the new ideas felt tainted by what I saw as the complete brilliance that was the first book. This wasn't for the lack of new ideas, there were so many additions and new characters and just so much NEW that it couldn't have been from that, but I didn't connect to it as well as the first book, the clarity was still strong, but everything was a little... less.
This was a step up, however, on the creepy/almost horror side of things- everything was three times more scary and we meet the Cranks... there's a scene where two characters are being chased by these humans who have lost their minds and... that is a scary scene. I was reading it and heard a knock on the door and my heartbeat rose to about ten times average.
Towards the end I found myself faced by mega disappointment, a disappointment that leaks through to the final book and really annoyed me. You can't just stop reading at the end of book one, but I'd have been happier if I had.
Rating- Hmm...
I didn't hate this book but I certainly felt a lot less love for it, mainly due to one of the twists about 75 pages from the end. Had that twist not been there my rating would probably be higher, but I still wouldn't have loved this as much as the first book.
(Starting to get a little confused)

Published by Ember.
The Death Cure, like The Scorch Trials, begins almost immediately after the end of the previous book, and it begins with what turns out to be a series of let downs for me. The clarity that I felt with both the previous novels still was there, though since the second book it continued to dim slightly, and I just felt myself loosing the connection I felt in the beginning to the world, the mission, the characters.
I really felt like this book dragged on, wondering how there could still be two thirds to go since the story felt practically over (bring on the new twists), and it did pick up, but still fell flat.
I found the ending confusing and unsatisfying- I never really liked the love interest and how things ended just left me really disappointed, as most of the novel did. In ways it wasn't so bad, it was quite a neat ending, but it also felt wrong the way things happened. Thomas lost a lot of his strengh, I felt, in this final book- understandably- but he also began to gradually turn into a character I didn't like, and by the end I felt no great connection to him, it felt very neither here nor there.
Rating- Somewhere between Oh Noooo and Poor.
I disliked this book- I didn't even feel like I was kind of glad that I finished the series, because I just really didn't like so much about it. I lost the connection that I found in the first book and kind of wish I hadn't continued after that stellar beginning. Not the worst book I've ever read, far from it, but after such a magnificent start this was a mega let down.
I spent a lot of time staring off into the distance, uncomprehendingly.


  1. Can I vote this post a bajillion points for the Vicar of Dibley (FEATURING RICHARD OMG ARMITAGE), Blackadder, Harry Potter Hermione and Snape BRITISH EXTRAVAGANZA!

    1. Yes, yes you can.
      Also, I agree with you on RICHARD OMG ARMITAGE.

  2. I feel like I've seen these books everywhere! I know one of my boy cousin likes them and he is definitely not the reader type. It sounds fun! Nothing particularly hard hitting but fun. I'm sorry your enjoyment of the series devolved as it went on though. :(

    1. I think they became quite popular/circulated in the last maybe 2 years, since when the final book came out, then they seemed to heat up again when the prequel came out, a couple of months ago. I would definitely recommend you look into reading at least the first book, because I thought it was really great, though I'm not sure what I would recommend after that... it's frustrating, because I would prefer to have just read the first book and been done with it, but they have le cliffhangers. /: Oh well- if you check it out, hope you enjoy!


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