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Unspoken (or the MYGOSHWHAT book) by Sarah Rees Brennan...

Title- Unspoken.
Author- Sarah Rees Brennan.
Publish date- 2012.
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.



What I thought:
So, I have titled this review "Unspoken (or the MYGOSHWHAT book)..." and I think that it probably says a lot about how I felt about this book.

I don't even have the words to comprehend.

I had very high expectations, despite my abhorance for those things, when I had been really wanting to read this for a while, but they lowered slightly around the time it was released here, and I personally dislike the Australian cover quite a lot, so I was worried I would end up not liking it even though it sounded so fantastic and I had read so many incredible reviews of it- there was still that frustrating unsure-ness within me. Which was shattered within a few pages.

So I actually make a coherent review, I'm breaking it down into three sections in which I will gush.

The characters-
Oh Kami Glass, how I adore you. She is one of the most fantastic protagonists that I have read in recent years and I find it a little difficult to imagine her being surpassed by anyone for my favourite heroine in 2013- Kami has sense, she can be a little headstrong but she isn't unthinking or one to make constant stupid choices. There were a few moments when I was hoping she would just open up to the people she cared about and trust them, but I also understood her hesitation. I love, love, love the fact that she is a lifelike character, I can relate to her really well and I can imagine her being a person I would know- she's very real and unafraid and confident- so many qualities that I adore.
And her clothing choices... they are incredible. Check out this post to see some of her choice outfits.

(The other characters were wonderful, too, if one particular one was super annoying at the end, but I feel like Kami needs all my focus)

The plot-
The plot is nothing like my expectations- I was constantly being surprised by the twists and surprises and situations the characters were put into. I really enjoyed it, there were a few things that I did not see coming in five hundred years and that took me a little while to accept/get used to, but overall I think it worked really well and certainly exceeded my expectations, even when I was at my most excited to read it.

The everything else-
The everything else about this book is practically perfect in every way, just like Jane Bennet- the other characters (I suppose I ought to mention them, if only briefly) were as intricately woven as Kami and some I immediately loved, especially Angela and Holly, and some I wasn't sure about, just like Kami- they could be good or bad and I wasn't sure how to react to the switching personalities, which I think is great because it keeps for surprise and suspense. I'm not a fan of this cover, as mentioned, and don't think it works for the book at all (I was uncomfortable at times reading it because I really didn't like the cover so much) so I'm definitely going to be buying myself a copy with the UK cover, because it's glorious, like this book.
Also, the ending. What even.

Rating- Excellent/Big Explosion MIND BLOWN-
Wow... this book is just incredible and wowowowowow- I highly recommend it for a book with suspense and intrigue and murder and mystery and an incredible heroine. By the end of it... oh my WHAT!? Tumblr save me from these feelings I don't know how to handle.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!


  1. EEEEEE! Unspoken! EEEEEE! I'm so glad you loved this *flails arms in excitement*
    I hate coming into books with crazy high expectations too, because I'm always sure I'm going to be let down, so yay that it lived up to yours!
    Completely agree with.. like... everything you've said. Kami is SUCH a wonderful, warm person, and I love how she's quirky without being over-the-top quirky, and Jared - oh, what did you think of Jared? I really, really adored him - apparently I have a thing for angry loner-boys? - but I thought the way that Rees Brennan handled the reality of the mental link was SO GOOD and how I imagine such a thing would actually be.

    Rees Brennan has released about four teasers for Book 2, Untold, on her blog, and I told myself I wouldn't read them because it would make me want Untold too much, but I have no self-control when it comes to stuff like this so I went and read them. And aaagh, I think we're in for another OMGWHAT book. :-D

    (and thanks for the link!)

    1. I'm trying to find words to show my excitement and love for this book but I am lost- I was actually going to write my review for it right after I finished the book, but then I thought I would let it sit and think about what I wanted to say and then I kept letting it sit because I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS WITHOUT PERMANENT CAPS, so the result was I wrote it three days ago after finishing it on the 15th of February.
      I almost couldn't believe how much I loved it, because I almost never love books that I have very high expectations for or that I have seen a tonne of amazing reviews for, so to love it so incredibly much was brilliant.
      I did find the Jared in the elevator with Kami scene pretty confusing, I just didn't really get it, but then the well scene leveled it out perfectly. OH THE WELL SCENE. *SWOON*
      Jared- I think I knew I would like him, and I was pretty much squeeing in the time leading up to them finding out that they were actually in the same town, but I also didn't love him constantly.... or I loved him in a way that I didn't completely trust him, but really liked him. It's confusing and I'm biased now because I am angry with him now. On the other hand, I did not like Ash, because he seemed too perfect from the beginning, though ocassionally came out with a redeeming quality.

      I had no idea about that and now I have no choice but to go check them out because of what you said- it's like Michelle Hodkin with her Mara Dyer teasers, because she picks killers.
      You're welcome. (:

    2. Oh, and if you see this I forgot to ask, have you read the prequels?

    3. Yes! I read them before I read Unspoken, and it was awesome when Kami and Angela then make reference to the summer cricket camp and being all, "Haha, I know what you're talking about."
      I'm not a fan of Ash either. There's just something... not right about him, and I don't even know what, and maybe I'm just projecting because I prefer Jared, but he makes me deeply suspicious. And I don't even know why I like Jared so much. He's so... complicated. And I agree with you on the not necessarily trusting him, but I want to! I want everything to be OK!
      Oooooh the well scene. And the aftermath - bahaha. "Where were his clothes?" "He was doing some... Zen jogging."
      Speaking of laughter, you know who made me laugh? Kami's dad. Love the Glass family. :-)

      I haven't read the Mara Dyer teasers. Damn, now I have a dilemma. Do I want to be driven crazy knowing they're there and i haven't read them, or be driven crazy having read them and wanting more? Tough one.

    4. Zen jogging is the best. That is all to say.

  2. OMGWHAT exactly! That ending was insane. I'll still thinking/obsessing about this book and its characters, and it's been months now since I last read this! Wasn't Kami just brilliant? I'm really glad you adored her as much as I did. :) Fantastic review, Romi!

    1. Ah, I can't believe I didn't get back to you sooner- sorry! I think it's a little good that I didn't read it until just recently, because I don't have to wait so long for the next book, though I am doubtless that it will still feel like long enough! (: ARGH, my love for Kami is practically boundless.
      Thank you so much, Sam!


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