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STUNG Blog Tour: Guest Post by Bethany Wiggins.

Today I am lucky enough to be taking part in the Stung blog tour, and I had the chance to ask author Bethany Wiggins a question, namely Inspiration to write- what things help the writing process when you're in a slump, and now she's going to talk... or write... about that- lets go!


A common misconception about published writers is that they don't get writer's block. I WISH! Do you know how easy life would be if I knew exactly what I wanted to write? REALLY EASY! 

I was asked if I have any tips to help the writing process when you're in a slump. Because, seriously, being trapped in your own writing, with a tiny view of the story ahead but no way to get there, is miserable! Sort of like being all dressed up with nowhere to go. Or driving somewhere with a map that's missing just a few pieces, so although you're close to your destination, you can't quite find it. That is frustrating to the point of pulling out hair. So here are a few tips that have worked for me.

TIP #1: If you're not clear on your vision, how are you going to write it? And I'm not necessarily talking about the end of the story. Just the next three, five, ten pages. If you can't decide where your story needs to go in the next few pages, then you can't sit down and write it. So, skip that part for now. Write the part you do know, and then you can fill in the missing pieces. 

TIP #2: Get your ipod, download music that fits your story, and then go on a nice long walk. Even if it's on the treadmill. If you're like me, with music in your head, no distractions, and your body moving . . . the story will start to flow.

TIP #3: I cannot tell you how many times I start a story (like Stung, for example), and know just how it is going to end, but have no idea how to fill the hundred pages that go in between the beginning hundred pages, and the ending hundred pages. That is when I tell my husband the beginning and ending, and we brainstorm together. My husband thinks very differently than I do, so a lot of what he says is something I never would have thought of, and it gets me asking the why's about my story. Why would this character act that way? Why would that character want her dead? Why would this character risk his life for that one? Why does he hate her so much?Talk to someone about your story.

TIP #4: Sometimes you may just need a little break to give your story time to grow, ferment, and germinate. I thoroughly believe writing is like cheese. The longer a story has to sit and ripen, the stronger it becomes.

TIP #5: Spend time every day on the computer. WRITING, mind you, not playing on Facebook or bejeweled blitz. Even if all you're writing is blog posts. Or character bios. Just get in the habit.

TIP #6: Don't worry about typos, plot, prose, because all of those can be fixed. That's the beauty of writing--you can change anything and everything. It just has to be written first.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk/write about keeping inspired, Bethany- quite a few of your tips are things I currently try to do, and the rest are certainly ones I plan to start!
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And now we're all done- I hope you enjoyed the post, and be sure to check out the other amazing stops on the blog tour here! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Tip #3, so true! Every story that I'm writing I somehow, along the way, even from the first chapter, I know how it's going to end. I think if I didn't know how it ends, it gets very confusing and like i'm running toward a place where I don't even know.

    Tip #5, aww, darn! I can't help it, the Internet calls to me....XD

    Lovely guest post, Romi! And I hope to read Stung. ^^

  2. I never really found that until recently, but for the most part I know exactly what is going to happen long before I get to the end now, though I do like the surprise of writing the storyline before that and not knowing where things will go, finding new surprises. (:

    Procrastination, procrastination! I don't much like it, though I think it's losening it's hold over me, or I'm ripping it off me. Either way, it seems to be lessening.

    Thanks, Delaney!

    1. Finding new surprises is good! One of my story, my Nano story, I actually did not know how/where it would end until I got down to the second to last chapter and I got my ending. Maybe it's depending on the person to either want to already know the ending so they know where to aim, or they just go with the flow~

      That's good! Darn Dramas. I feel like a couch-potato these days. All I do is eat and watch Drama. -____-
      Oh and the quotes that my Sunday Times came from was You're Beautiful it's a Korean Drama.

  3. These are some great tips! I'm not a writer, but I do procrastinate like crazy. I bet #5 would be a tricky one for me. ;) Thanks for sharing!

    This book sounds really interesting, by the way. I've heard good things about it so far!

    1. Procrastinating is unstoppable, I fear, unstoppable until it feels like ceasing. Luckily I'm getting better at it... or not doing it. (:

      Doesn't it have a great cover? I really like it!

  4. Hello There,
    I just wanted to see if you were currently interested in additional guest bloggers for your blog site.
    I see that you've accepted some guest posters in the past - are there any specific guidelines you need me to follow while making submissions?
    If you're open to submissions, whom would I need to send them to?
    I'm eager to send some contributions to your blog and think that I can cover some interesting topics.
    Thanks for your time,

    1. Hi Tess,

      Thanks for asking- currently I'm not looking for any guest bloggers; this was actually my first guest written post and though it's something I might be interested in looking at more in the future it isn't currently a priority.
      Thank you for your interest and I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help!


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