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Top Ten Tuesday (5) Books I read before I was a blogger.

Top ten tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where the people of the blogverse do some spotlighting in groups of ten, ocassionally (*ahem* often *ahem*) pushing the rules to the limits. In the best ways.

This week it's all about favourite books you read before you became a blogger- I have been reading so much more and such a wider range of genres since I started blogging, but I did read quite a lot before, too, so I don't think I'll have a problem. (These are in no particular order, mind.)

1. The Spiderwick Chronicles-
This is a series that my siblings and mother read, too, and it was incredibly exciting getting the next book and reading it in a matter of days. I love the imagination and the creatures in the series, and it has stayed in my mind for years since I first read the books.

2. The Inkworld Trilogy-
This would be the first large book I ever read- I bought the first two books when I saw them in a bookshop and they sounded incredible, they cost a lot and I felt like such a spendthrift but was so gloriously happy and reading the series was wonderous.

3. Pippi Longstockings-
I read this for the first time when I was about 12, and had grown up seeing a video movie of it which I LOVED, and the book was just as amazing and exciting.

4. I Capture the Castle-
I'm pretty sure I read this just before I started blogging, and I adored it so much. It's one of my top ten favourite books of all time and I just love the feel of it, the plot, the characters, especially Cassandra.

5. Anne of Green Gables-
The first "Classic" I read and it is such a magnificent book and I was immediately in love with the characters, particularly Anne, in whom I see a little of myself.

6. Moving Castle Series-
I love everything about this series- from Howl to Sophie to Calcifer to Howl to Sophie to the castle to the magic to Howl to Sophie to the seven league boots to Howl to Sophie.

7. Tashi-
These books were a fundamental part of my growing up and I read them alongside my brother and sister, and they were kind of a thing that was passed down through us.

8. Pride and Prejudice-
I must have read this the summer before I became a blogger and I'm so happy- it's about time I re-read it, especially with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries having ended and killed me with the feels.

9. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone-
I listened to them all on audio/my mother read them to my siblings and I as I grew up, but I think I was perhaps 11 (!) when I read the first book myself. I was a little mocked because it took me about 8 months to get through, as it was one of my first forays into that kind of reading, and I wasn't a huge reader at the time, but I got through it and loved it.

10. Lauren Child books-
Lauren Child- from her stand alone picture books to Clairce Bean to Charlie and Lola, I just adore most everything she does.


  1. I actually only recently started reading the Anne of Green Gables books. The first is definitely still my favourite, though I've been enjoying them all. I loved Pippi Longstocking when I was younger, too! Brings back good memories. :)

    1. Aren't they great? I had such a lot of fun following Anne on her journey and I just adore that series so much! I should really do a re-read some time soon.
      Pippi's so awesome. (:

  2. Charlie and Lola! Oh, that takes me back. I used to love reading those ones to my youngest brother. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I loved them more than he did. And ditto Tashi and the Spiderwick Chronicles! Actually, while I'm thinking about the Spiderwick chronicles, did you read the follow on series - can't remember what it's called. Hang on, I'll check Goodreads. "Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles".
    Also, you should try Holly Black's Modern Faerie Tales trilogy. Disclaimer though - I was a bit meh about them the first time I read them, BUT then I tried them again a year later and adored them. I should probably read them again and see if I have a different reaction again :-) Also, now that I've said that, I seem to remember you're not a massive fan of dark faerie-tales, and the Modern Faerie Tales are pretty gritty, and her fae pretty vicious and capricious and other. So maybe not?
    The only one on here I haven't read is Pippi Longstocking. I like this list, it makes me feel well-read.
    <3 to Sophie and Howl. And Calcifer.

    1. I have a massive collection of the various Lauren Child books- she's such an amazing writer. I tried to read the first book of the follow on, got about half way (and they're not very big books) but I disliked it. The new protagonists, as I recall, were intensely annoying and I didn't continue, which was sad.
      My sister read the Holly Black books and recommended them to me, but I'm still on the fence about whether I ought to try them out- she told me about a gross sounding scene where a faerie or pixie stabs a fork into someone's eye and eats it or something like that, which is making me squirm right now- Romi and eyes have a distant relationship. Maybe I should try and see what I think?
      Have you read them/done a review of them?
      Ooh, read Pippi Longstocking Alexandra- it's beautiful and she's such an amazing heroine.

    2. Re Holly Black - I have done a review of them, but it's one review for all three books, so it's not very specific. Here's the address though:
      Maybe read the first few chapters and see what you think? I'll still think you're awesome even if you hate it. :-)
      Mmm, I didn't particularly like Nick or Laurie either, but I thought it was fun when they go to the book signing and meet Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black and Jared and Simon. I ended up skim reading them, because I did want to know what happened but I didn't really care enough to read the whole thing. The first series is definitely the best.

    3. I'll read the review ASAP and comment telling you what I think I ought to do, though it's put a smile on my face to hear that any awesomeness (thank you!) I posses isn't in danger of being lost.
      I think I rememeber something about them meeting the authors- crossovers like that ... not sure how they make me feel. Like the author talking directly to the reader, it's a little strange.

  3. Harry Potter <3 I have the first book from The Inkworld Trilogy waiting for me :)


    1. Ooh, I hope you enjoy it! I re-read it last year and it took me quite some time, I didn't get into it as much as I did the first time and the second book was a lot slower when I read it a few years ago, but it's such an excellent, vivid series. Beautiful detail and setting. Look forward to hearing what you think! x

  4. Moving Castle series! I have yet to pick up the second book! "Howl to Sophie to Calcifer to Howl to Sophie" --Haha, the first book is totally amazing-sauce. (ehmm, Howl and Sophie and Calcifer XD) And Lauren Child! That author brings back so many memories. Charlie and Lola, I love those two. Last year, I actually looked up on Youtube to see if I could see any episodes and I think I watched a gazillion before I told myself to read something. XD

    1. Howl and Sophie and Calcifer and Howl and Sophie and Calcifer- read the next book so I can add some more names in because I don't want to spoil you but they must be added! (:

  5. I love that so many of your list are classics!

    1. I have to admit, I've always been pretty pleased with the way I've read the classics over the years. (:

  6. Hoooraaaaay for Anne of Green Gables. I have watched that the series with Megan Follows so many times there is no longer a number large enough to count. Oh Gilbert Blythe you handsome young man you.

    I am saddened that Harry Potter is not number one on your list though.

    Also, Hoooraaay for Lauren Child books, I LOVE doing Charlie and Lola with the munchkins for storytime.

    1. I saw the end of it on TV a year or so ago, but haven't ever watched it fully, I don't think. I ought to.
      Oh well that's because I don't do numbered lists- I generally have a top three and then things just get CRAZY so I did as as a 1-10 in no particular order list.
      Lauren Child is the bestest of bests.


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