Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday... on a thursday. (4) Characters I fancy a LOT.

Top ten tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where the people of the blogverse do some spotlighting in groups of ten, ocassionally (*ahem* often *ahem*) pushing the rules to the limits. In the best ways.

This week I am back, and all thanks to the incredible Alexandra from Alexandra's Scribblings who is very persuasive. Thank you Alexandra!

I have so many characters that I fancy quite a lot, but it's a big mix of females and males, so I'm doing five of each.

The Males.
1. Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games books.
-- I don't think I trusted him at first, but from the moment I read about that sugar cube I couldn't help but be lost to Finnick- there was no going back when he posed provocatively in his underwear.

2. Howl from Howls Moving Castle.
-- annoying as he can be for that very reason most of the time, Howl has a quality I can't describe but can't get enough of. It would be wrong to fight off the smile that comes to my lips every time I read something said by/about him.

3. William Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
--I can see a trend- I apparently really like characters who are frustrating and annoying but who have many layers. Like onions.

4. Augustus Waters from TFiOS.
-- he has amazing one liners, says the most beautiful things to Hazel and about life, and I just love that guy to pieces.

5. Fred and George Weasley from The Harry Potter books.
-- oh my, don't even get me started on these two.
Honorable mentions go to Dora from Inkdeath for being the first character to make me go swoony, and to Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games books- I like me some baker, but Finnick wins the competition everyday in my eyes. Also Jared Lynburn from Unspoken because I really like you, but you are an arse.

The Females.
1. Luna Lovegood from The Harry Potter books.
-- both in the books and out of them, there are so many people who don't seem to see Luna as being much more than Loony, and maybe it's just because I'm apparently quite like her in looks and personality, but I love her uniqueness and imagination and clothing.

2. Kami Glass from Unspoken.
-- ALEXANDRA! See what you've done to me? I got super excited to read this after reading this amazing review and swooning over the clothes in this post,  I began to read my copy of Unspoken and practically turn incomprehensible whenever I think/talk of her. She is the BEST.

3. Sophie Hatter from Howls Moving Castle.
-- I would never part Sophie and Howl, but they are both characters I adore so much and over whom I seriously crush. All the time.

4. Lyra Balaqua from His Dark Materials. 
-- I was a little unsure if Lyra quite fit this list, but decided she did- I don't know if it is a good thing that I share very similar personalities with a lot of these characters, and it is certainly the case with Miss Lyra. She's strong and speaks her mind and I just love her power, and those are some very crush-worthy aspects of someone.

5. Annie Cresta/Johanna Mason from The Hunger Games series. 
-- I love these characters so much and am dearly and very fondly in love with both of them, and I admire them both intensely.

Honurable mentiones go to Ginny Weasley from The Harry Potter books, to Min from Why We Broke Up, and to Hazel Grace Lancaster from TFiOS.


  1. Oh dear I don't recognize most of them, I need to pick p the books hahah

    hi ya. I'm your new follower =3

    Lisa @ When She Reads

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for commenting! Welcome to my blog! ( :
      I highly recommend all of these books, especially Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones and Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan- read them all!

  2. AAAAAAGGGGHHH! You wrote it, you wrote it! I am grinning so hard right now I think the top of my head is going to split off. Which is really quite a disgusting mental image, now that I've said it. Gross, brains everywhere.
    ANYHOW, MY POINT IS that I am quite excited. So now that I have told you so, I will go and, you know, actually read this list. Hang on.
    Um, yesyesyes and an especially enormous yes to Sophie and Howl and Kami, and also, thanks for the links :-) I like what you say about Howl. It's like in that scene in "Castle in the Air" when Sophie is describing Howl to Abdullah and she's like, "Oh, he's selfish and vain and tries to slither out of responsibility" and you the reader nod your head and say, "Why yes, he is all those things, but despite this, I DO NOT CARE I NEED MORE HOWL."
    Heeheehee, Finnick and his sugar-cube. :-D
    And yes, Jared is impossible... and yet... my brain refuses to respond rationally to him. Instead it's all emotion, all the time, and the emotion is telling me that it's going to be OK because it has to be OK and the good in him will prevail!
    And I love how Luna is so vibrantly herself. Wonderful imagination and all.
    On a more serious note, I also think it's heaps interesting how you note that you have a similar personality to a number of your favourite characters. I was contemplating something very similar the other day, wondering what are the qualities that make me love rather than like, or dislike rather than like, a hero/ine. It's easier to get someone when you see aspects of yourself in them, I guess.
    OK, wrapping up now. You have excellent taste Romi. And I'm really happy you wrote this :-D

    1. I saw your comment and the *nodding* and wrote it up immediately and your reaction is priceless- I'm thrilled you like it!

      You're welcome! I could never leave Kami especially off one of these lists now, because as you know I adore her. And I love that that is how Sophie is, too- she finds him completely impossible, but she knows that she wouldn't have anyone else.
      I'm sure he'll prevail and not be so assy and sassy. I mean, it's like Michelle Hodkin with Mara Dyer- things have to go alright because the alternative just isn't possible.


      It's funny with Luna- I immediately loved her when she came into the story and I think my family thought it was pretty funny because they all think we're very alike, and I love that because I think she's incredible and a character I definitely aspire to in many ways, but I'm not sure if they thought I would like the idea so much! (:

      Ooh, I was thinking about the same with books a short time ago- what makes you love, like, dislike a book- I didn't think about it for too long but it keeps popping up and I'm wondering what I should do about it.

  3. Romi,

    I love your picks here because they are so different to everyone elses. I especially love how you often pick side characters, highlighting how awesome supporting characters can be :)

    x Nomes

    1. Hi Nomes!
      Wow, thank you- I do seem to pick the side characters quite a lot, don't I? And I hardly even realised. ( :
      Side characters equal some of the all time most amazing characters!


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