Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini Reviews (5)

Mini Reviews.

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan.
It's strange to think back to how I fell into reading this- I had tried reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson, (co-written by Levithan and John Green) and found that I didn't like it, and I had also tried to read The Lovers Dictionary, which I have read wonderful reviews for, and nor did I like that; I was concerned that I wouldn't like any of Levithan's work and I really wanted to because I knew it was supposed to be amazing and I... and quotes. Lots of beautiful quotes. Then I picked up this from the library and it sat in my tbr pile for a week or two and then I started reading, to see if I liked it- I wasn't even supposed to properly be reading it and then I found myself twenty pages into the 220 page book and just continued.
It's such a unique story, full of hope and stupid mistakes and people not saying what they really want to say, and there is such beauty in the writing; I didn't really connect or like any of the characters themselves, but I didn't find that important; the plot never was one I was fully in love with and that didn't matter, either. This sounds ludicrous, but none of that mattered a bit. Because the writing, the sense of HOPE (it's the word I'm now going to use to describe the book from now on) and the idea of it all was so brilliant that I fell in love anyway. And bought my own copy. BOOM.
Rating: Excellent/Big expolsion MIND BLOWN.
The writing is beautiful and the ideas that are shared, the thoughts that go through the characters minds and come out of their mouths are simple and incredible and it's just really worth reading and relishing. Also hope. Hope for more things than I can list.

Dash and Lily's Book of Dares - David Levithan and Sarah Cohn.
It's a sweet story, this of Dash and Lily; full of amusement and awkwardness and moments that I want to experience myself and more moments that I don't want to come near with a ten foot stick. It's full of mistakes and humor and, something I think might be a theme in Levithan's writing (I haven't read anything else by Rachel Cohn) HOPE. I thought Lily was a pretty neat character and I can imagine being friends with her, but I think I might be able to imagine myself being friends with Dash more easily. Oh, the things the three of us could do.
I definitely didn't think it was incredible or life changing, a story that had to be told desperately, but I found it enjoyable and it started to bring my out of a reading slump that I'd been in for a while, and it's really fun.
Rating: Ooh, very good.
It's simple in the unexpected way that I saw basically nothing coming, it's surprising at all times and confusing, because the characters hardly ever take the straight and simple route to get where they need to be, and perhaps that it the best thing of all. They work very hard and have to figure things out, see if what they're heading towards is really what they're searching for.


  1. The only Levithan book I've read without a collab was Love is the Higher Law but I've been meaning to check out more of his works. And I might enjoy the sound of Boy Meets Boy.

    But wait..
    YOU READ DASH AND LILY'S BOOK OF DARES!!! It's one of my favorites. I think you are right about Levithan and his HOPE theme. It appears a lot. But Dash and Lily is such a cute and fun story. I don't know about you, but my favorite part was when Dash was in the Santa line at Macy's. XD Oh and when I first read it, I thought they would never meet. Glad that they did in the end.

    1. I haven't read that- tried a few of his other books, but not a lot of them have clicked with me, unfortunately. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Every Day is like, though!

      It's such a great book- I loved pausing for a moment after reading this astonishing sentence and then marking it for later.


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