Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Cloud Road by Isobelle Carmody.

Title- The Cloud Road (Kingdom of the Lost #2)
Author- Isobelle Carmody.
Publish date- April 2013.
Publisher- Penguin-Viking.


*Spoilers are probably abundant for those who haven't read the first book.*


What I thought:
It had been a couple of years since I read the first book in the Kingdom of the Lost series, and opening The Cloud Road I was a little worried that I'd forgotten small, but important, details, only to be relieved when I realised that throughout the first few chapters were reminders and links back to things that had happened, and it helped me remember without having to start over. I was, as I say, relieved by this, but I'm also always a little annoyed when it happens, particularly when it is a series I've been reading all at once- it's okay if there is just something at the beginning, but if the old facts are gone over and over again, it gets tiring.

So, noting that, I was perplexed when I found that the thrilling conclusion to the first book didn't pass over- that the excitement was gone in the wake of the long trck to be taken and the characters, the plot, seemed flat. Sure, there was excitement- just when it felt like staleness was oncoming there was a surprise that bought the pacing back up, and yet the two things that frustrated me the most were that the pace wasn't consistant before or after these surprises, and the surprise itself was left completely unexplained.

I've read the Little Fur series by Carmody and know that when you're reading from the perspective of a character that's unaccustomed to the things we take as every day objects, or in this case when they're in a different world altogether, things are left ambiguous and unexplained- are left for the reader to guess/understand themselves. I just hope things will become clearer in the final novel, because I'm not acquainted with the world or the life in this series- I'm as perplexed as Bily and Zluty, but while they're interested in the things they don't understand, they are mainly unconcerned and I am the opposite.

Review: Poor.
I was left feeling disappointed; the overwhelming thought was that it felt very much like a filler novel, leaving the most exciting things to come up in the final book, and too much has been, over these two books, left unexplained for my liking.
It is, however, one of the most beautifully bound series' that I know of.

Thank you to Penguin for this review copy!


  1. Ooh, I really appreciate it when books go over a little refresher like that in the beginning. I don't think I've heard of this series before but it sounds great so thanks for introducing it to me :)

    1. I like it, too, though find it terribly frustrating when they go over the whole plot- by the time you get to the sixth book in a series you're assuming you remember, I guess! (: I hope you enjoy it!


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