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Top Ten Tuesday (6) Top Ten Film Adaptations.

Top ten tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where the people of the blogverse do some spotlighting in groups of ten, ocassionally (*ahem* often *ahem*) pushing the rules to the limits. In the best ways.

1. The Princess Bride.
Just preapre yourself for the film of your life.

2. Howls Moving Castle.
One of my all time favourite movies, I fell in love with all the characters upon watching and then all over again upon reading.

3. Pride and Prejudice.
My favourite adaptation of P&P- I love the actors, the costume... it's near perfect.

4. I capture the Castle.
I Capture the Castle gives me such a wonderful feeling of nostalgia- I need to rewatch.

5. Arrietty.
Arrietty, based on The Borrowers, is a really interesting adaptation- it doesn't follow the storyline all that closely, but I found it didn't matter. It is visually and musically stunning, and I just loved it.

6. Jane Eyre.
This is the only full adaptation of Jane Eyre I've ever seen- I'm currently reading the book and appreciate this all the more because I did not hate Rochester in the film, and he is an assy twit in the book.

7. The Hunger Games.
I was so impressed by this adaptation- it's a difficult book to bring to the screen but I felt it was done just about as well as it could have been, and think the actors fitted their roles very well.

8. Little Women.
I certainly like Laurie a lot more in the film. I think that's all I need to say- he makes me swoon every time.

9. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
I like this a lot more than the book, which I do really like- the film just hits me harder and was the first (currently in about five) films that made me cry. It was only a little.

10. The ABC murders.
Both this and the book had me on tenterhooks and I really liked how the suspense from the book crossed over to the movie length episode.


  1. Princess bride, pride & prejudice, Jane Eyre (but I prefer the version with Timothy Dalton, I believe it's the one from 1983. This is the only one I've ever seen, but I looove it. I had a crush on him when I was younger, haha, his voice is pretty) I also really liked THG.

    1. I've actually got that edition out from the library at the moment- I've never watched it before and am interested to see what it's like... I don't think the woman playing Jane looks right, from the cover, but we'll see. (It's horrid to say, but she looks too happy!)
      My childhood crush was Harrison Ford as Han Solo- perfect! ( :

  2. I completely agree with you about The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Although I liked the book at the time, the film moved me considerably more. I haven't had the guts to watch it more than once though. I recently got myself a copy of Howl's Moving Castle and I hope to give that a try soon, and then maybe watch the movie if it goes well. :) Great list, Romi!

    1. That was the first (and currently only... I think) time I liked a film adaptation more than the book. It felt so strange! No, I haven't watched it again since- I have wanted to a couple of times, but just never went through with it. I think I'm absentmindedly scared, because it's such a moving story. I'll weep, I know it.

      Oh, I hope you love Howls Moving Castle! I'm actually so excited to hear what you think of it- one of my all time favourites, and the film is very different, so it's wonderful to hear someone new is coming to it! HOPE YOU LOVE IT!

  3. HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE AND THE SECRET WORLD OF ARIETTY. Wait. I didn't know Arietty was an adaption. O___O Mind blown. The Princess Bride...where am I ever going to get a copy of that book? I can never find it except for my local library which I haven't had time to visit...which my mom wouldn't let me check out books until i am done with my pile.

    Awesomely awesome list.

    1. Oh, really? I grew up reading/listening/watching The Borrowers and it's such a great series (I never finished it, I don't think- there are heaps of books, if I remember correctly) and it's just so memorable. Having something so special from my childhood become a new film by my favourite company and with Hayao Miyzaki on board was incredible- I love Saorise Ronan as Arrietty, too, she was perfect.

  4. I really liked the adaption of I Capture the Castle as well! (plus -- henry Cavill! haha)

    I didnt like the hinger games movie as much as the books. Well, I found it funny when it was meant to be serious :/ Still, I am very excited for Cathcing Fire :)

    Great list, Romi x

    1. It's so wonderful, I agree! I'm actually amused every time I hear/see/think his name, because suddenly he's an internet phenomenon and all along he was this sweet character in this amazing film.

      Oh, I'm sorry to hear that- I understand that not everyone liked it, but I enjoyed how reliable it was to the book (apart from Madge and the Avox); I only hope, with a new director, it can continue to be as good for me!

  5. Oh I love Princess Bride, but I agree with you, that's really not the best trailer to really identify the humour and whimsy of the movie.

    I haven't seen Capture the Castle but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Billy Nighty and I quite like Romola Garai, shall have to check if we have this at work.

    I HATE Boy in the Striped Pyjamas with a passion because the ending of it makes me so furious. I was actually discussing this with someone the other day, she's the only other person I've ever found who hated it for the same reason: I felt like they portrayed the ending as sad and 'tragic' because the German boy died "unnecessarily" like it's so tragic for HIM to die, ignoring the millions of Jews that were also murdered. And I've seen people say "Oh, but he wasn't meant to be there! He's only a boy! He was only trying to help his friends." And I don't think it's right to show only the mother of the German boy grieving, because it reinforces this. Anyway, I will stop ranting now since you really like this movie. I understand if you will never forgive me. :(

    And you already know my thoughts about THG, but I do really, really like the movie. I even bought it.

    1. Bill Nighy (Billy to his friends, huh?) is quite the excellent actor. He is wonderful, I agree. (Love Actually?)

      I find that really interesting and I am actually really glad (and do not dislike you at all for it, obviously) that you left this section of the comment- LETS CONVERSE:
      I think one of the really interesting things about that ending is that is shows just how unjust and wrong, disgusting and horrible the situation as a whole was, but in a very different way- we see it through the priviledged boy's eyes, through his mother, sister and father's eyes, yes, but it acts, I think, as a kind of reflection to how it was for all the others- perhaps not initially (whilst still reeling) but after a time. We felt so strongly for the two boys because we had gotten to know them, and because they were young I think it just felt all the more potent and hard to deal with. And I think seeing it in that, perhaps altered, light makes people realise just how horrible things actually were, how, as you say, milions of jews and others were killed in the same way and for inexcusable reasons.
      I think that's something really important, that light the book and film shone on our awareness. But I also understand just why you don't like it, and I don't think that's a bad thing.
      (Also, sorry for talking as if this is what we both do/should feel- if it came across as that it was unintentional and I apologise. You rock.)

      (I'm glad you ended up liking it (thg) enough to buy it)

    2. Aha, yes, ofc his name is Billy. That is not at all a typo. *sheepish*

      But my problem was that it didn't act like it WAS sad that the Jewish boy died. There's no one crying despairingly for him, there's no one rushing to save HIM. They're rushing to save the German boy, they're crying over the German boy, they're playing sad music for the German boy.

      I dunno, maybe I will watch it again at some point and see if it changes my mind. But I just feel that ending the movie on shots of the despairing mother and father is just far too...localised I guess. It's too focused on their grief for their son rather than grief for what was happening to everyone in that gas chamber.

    3. Well I suppose that's because the film and book are both told from his/Bruno's perspective, and because the boy who is already in the camp probably doesn't have any family, why would they want to save him? To those people he, and everyone else there, DESERVES to be in that chamber- he's in the camp, afterall, and why would they mourn people they've placed there in the first place?
      I haven't seen the movie or read the book in ages, but I think I'm going to have to after this conversation and see how I reflect on it- if I recall correctly, I do think the book was a little more about both boys (throughout and in the end, though not in the way we've been talking about), and that was a really fantastic part of the story. I think they, perhaps, lost that in the film.

  6. Howl's Moving Castle!!! <333 I love everything Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli :) I also loved P&P and Jane Eyre. And The ABC Murders is one of my favorite Agatha Christie mysteries.

    1. Oh my HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS, CAYCE? It is one of my all time favourite things, too, and it always thrills me to find a fellow lover of the work! It's so stunning and beautiful and wonderous!
      I'm finding Jane Eyre difficult to keep reading, because it's annoying me so much, but I will get through it. I will. Before August... September is out. I will.

      Really?! I love the ABC and Murder on the Nile- those two are fantastic! x


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