Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just One Day by Gayle Forman.

Title- Just One Day.
Author- Gayle Forman.
Publish date- 2013.
Publisher- Definitions.


What I thought:
I went into this decided that I wouldn't like it as much as the If I Stay series, but that I would like it- it seemed like that was the general consensus, and I felt that it would be like that for me, too, and was reasonably happy with that.

You can just tell how it's going to end, can't you?

I started it and was a little surprised that I had trouble being sucked in, didn't feel an interest or a pull to know the people and their story.
Surely this is just me, I thought, a slow beginning isn't unheard of and maybe I'm just not in the right frame of mind to be reading, but I'll press on.
Unfortunately, nothing changed as I went on and by the end it wasn't a book that I liked, if less so than the other series, or that I had really enjoyed/connected with at all.

The characters, to begin with, frustrated me; Willem, who played a far bigger (on screen) character than I expected, didn't come across as charming or even very likable- I didn't like how he couldn't even focus on Allyson if another girl (as often as not mentioned in skimpy outfits) made eyes at him; I didn't like how he so obviously avoided questions and did things to suit himself, manipulated situations so subtly and acted suprem, refused, even, to see Allyson as who she really was and not just who she pretended/he wanted her to be.
Allyson really frustrared me, too- I know a lot of people have said that they connected with her really well because they are similar, but for me it was the opposite- though it might be a truthful depiction, her nature and characteristics niggled at me and kept me from getting close to her, in any way, throughout. She is very dependant and hates to feel as if she's let anyone down, and her virtually instant infatuation with Willem nearly drove me insane. And yet, I suppose, with her mother it would be hard not to be dependant- her mother is a character I literally hated. She is so manipulative of Allysosn and makes out to seem as if she's mortally hurt whenever Allyson tries to do something for herself, just so she can have it her way. At one point she basically gives the lecture on how "we've given you so many choices and this is how you repay us" about the littlest thing and blantantly ignores her own daughters wishes is she doesn't agree with them.

There were surprises to the story in the end, and the only character I really liked (Dee) was incredible, but hardly featured in the story at all.

Review: Oh nooo.
A rhyme-
The story continues in Just One Year, but for me it ended here.

Thank you to Random House for this review copy!


  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry you didn't like it when you liked the other series so much. (I think you told me on GR to read it?)

    But I would find it INCREDIBLY frustrating to see this girl be pining away for this guy that treated her like shit and still imagine he's the most wonderful person ever. It's why I was so mad at Aimee in The Spectacular Now - she's a smart kid that loses all sense because ONE guy notices her and occasionally spends time with her when he's not moping over his ex OR drinking himself into a coma.

    What is wrong with young girls these days?

    1. I have no idea whether or not I recommended you read the If I stay series... I may have.... either way I think you'd probably like it.

      Exactly! It's like she's just completely taken up in the swoon and loses all sense, when she's supposedly quite sensible. (It's said, but never really shown.)

      My future writing carrer is set- I will be part of the group of people writing fantastic young women (and men, who can also be found to be asses an awful lot) who are pretty darn wonderful.


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