Thursday, October 31, 2013

Genesis by Bernard Beckett.

Title- Genesis.
Author- Bernard Beckett.
Publish date- 2005.
Publisher- Quercus.


What I thought:
This was such a strange book that between the time I finished it (around 2 months ago) and now, I'm still not quite sure what I want, or have to say about it.

Written in a singular way, the story follows Anax as she takes the exam to get into the Academy- her chosen subject is the life of Adam, and so she tells his story to the examiners as if they've never heard it.   I didn't personally enjoy this take, as if felt like the whole book was a massive info dump , though I was constantly sure that there would be more to this book then just that, or that it had to be leading somewhere more... I felt sure that at some point it would take a new direction, which would give more life to the story, but unfortunately that never happened. Because of the way the story is told, it also made it difficult to really be able to become a part of it, and every moment I felt as if I were starting to fall into the story, we (the reader) would be reminded that it was an exam. Two stories were being told, neither of which I ever felt entirely convinced by.

The ending to this story, though, may just be the winning factor for me. It was so incredibly unexpected, and I appreciate the fact that I was so stunned by it. It made the book memorable for me, though I wish something had happened earlier, because it came a little too late.

Rating: Poor/Hmm...
I didn't always like it, didn't ever outright enjoy it, but nor did I entirely dislike it. I'll remember it every now and then, I think, but I don't know if I'll ever decide whether it's for good or bad that it sticks with me.


  1. I love love love this book. OK.. yes it is so odd. But this book stuck with me for a long time after I read it. Beckett even did a Q&A with my bookclub which is nice since authors hardly ever do that! Here is my review: I like the word you used for the book ending... STUNNING!

    1. Oh, that's really interesting- definitely going to read your review and share thoughts!

  2. When you showed the synopsis, I was very intrigued because how unique, right?! But I would be like you and be disappointed that there was no connection and that it's just a massive info dump. I want a story! Connection! Depth! Instead, it would feel like two half-hearted jobs combined into one to make you feel something. But at least it sticks with you (because even if it's a bad stick, it gets points for being memorable).

    1. I definitely don't think it lacks depth, just not, perhaps, in the sense one would anticipate (certainly not what I expected)- there are slow revalations and it has many, many thought provoking moments. The book, overall, is hugely thought-provoking, just I didn't find it hugely likable or easily readable, which made it harder.


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