Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oddfellows Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin.

Title- Oddfellows Orphanage.
Author- Emily Winfield Martin.
Publish date- 2012.
Publisher- Random House.


What I thought:
This is, really, an exquisite book. My sister had been a fan of the author's work (art, jewellery) for a long time, and when the book came out she chose to buy it; there it has since been, sitting on my niece's bookshelf- I could've read it months ago, but I just wasn't all that interested, and I am annoyed at myself for that.

The story features a diverse array of characters, the majority of whom are orphans living at Oddfellows Orphanage, a place of wonder that is packed of characters full to brimming with wonderous stories, clothing and personalities. They were all very intriguing individuals, and as such I definitely don't have a clear cut favourite, which is unusual for me.

Something I really liked about this book is that there isn't an antagonist, no threat to the school or particular evil the children have to face and vanquish- it's a happy tale with a sad background (they are orphans, after all), the plot taking us over the course of a few months as the protagonist (of sorts) comes to understand the day to day life at Oddfellows.

My only problem with this was something my sister also commented on: things aren't always explained all that throughly, or the author doesn't often go into a great depth. Each chapter is like a little story in itself, and they're not very long at all. It's very enjoyable reading, but I wished more than once for a tad more character history and plot development.

Rating: Excellent/Big Explosion, MIND BLOWN.
I really loved this. The characters are marvellous, the story unique and engaging, the illustration (all by the author) is exquisite, but it just could've been a little (lot) longer.


  1. Aww this sounds like such an adorable story. I'm glad there are no villains because I am feeling for these characters already and if something bad were to happen to them I am going to go out and kill whoever did that to them. It sounds like such a quirky book, but I probably won't pick it up any time soon.

  2. Oh, I would defnitely recommend you make this one a priority, Delaney! It's such a enlivening book, and full to brimming with wonderful moments- I'm sure you woundn't regret the day it takes to read!

  3. I really like the cover and the fact that the boy has a head shaped like an onion, it's adorable.

    I remember a few years ago seeing someone talking about children's books always having scary villains and missing all the "nice" books like Enid Blyton and stuff, so they can now rest easy knowing this book exists. :D

    One day when a have a bajillion dollars and can afford to buy a house I will devote one of the bedrooms I have no need for to putting up pictures of all the different cover art books that are epically delightful. Though then I would be tempted to just slather all the walls with Harry Potter...and possibly one of The Graveyard Book.

    1. That is because he is an onion boy. Really, he is. It's wonderful.

      I haven't actually read The Graveyard book yet- I want to listen to it on audio, because Neil Gaiman reads it and he reads his books so well.


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