Friday, November 29, 2013

Mini Reviews (6)

Mini Reviews

Rapunzel's Revenge - (written by) Shannon and Dean Hale, (art by) Nathan Hale.
I absolutely fell head-over-heels with this stunning and original retelling of the classic Rapunzel.
In this adaptation, Rapunzel as a character is really intriguing, and almost instantly I felt really involved with her, with the way her character spoke to the reader and described the happenings- it felt very much as if I was meeting a good friend for the very first time and forming a bond so strong we would never gforget it, even if/when we moved on. It is emotional stuff, future readers.
It was, basically, a really, really good story. Rapunzel fights for her freedom and rights in a way the one we know well doesn't, and I loved her attitude towards saving herself and the way in which she sought her goal, and the courage she found within herself. Also, a good (well, not quite sure if revenge is necessarily a good ol' thing, but...) amount of revenge here.
Big Explosion, MIND BLOWN: Truly excellent and with a shining heroine- I look forward to owning it one day for my very own.

Calamity Jack - Shannon and Dean Hale, Nathan Hale.
In Calamity Jack, the story is focusing on a dual-protagonist from Rapunzel's Revenge, doing a switch so his story is told but we still have Rapunzel along for the ride.
I definitely still enjoyed it a lot, and I love the way Rapunzel and Jack interact (*highlight for spoiler* when they're not lovesick) but I didn't have the same level of personal conection with Jack as I do with Rapunzel, and so it was a step down.

Jack is interesting in his own right (he hails from Jack and the Beanstalk), and I appreciated how he was, too, told in a very different light; his history is full of mistakes and unlawful doings, and I enjoyed reading of how he felt, looking back, about all he'd done previously.

Together these make an excellent pair, and I plan on adding them both to my library soon.

Rating: Ooh, very good/Excellent: Didn't enjoy the storyline or the protagonist narration as much as I anticipated, but this is still an excellent sequel to what has become one of my favourite graphic novels.


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