Saturday, November 16, 2013

Spy Society by Robin Benway.

Title- Spy Society (AKA #1)
Author- Robin Benway
Publish date- August 2013
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.


What I thought:
This was a book that was easy and enjoyable to read- during my reading of it I described Spy Society (Also Known As in America) as being a "light" read, but I since changed my mind about that; for me, a "light" read must have no other appealing factors than the fact that it is light, and, while I know that this isn't the case for many people, going by that definition I wouldn't read a book that's only merit is it's easy-going-ness. This book is not light.

There is espionage- something I did not realise I would love so much; three seasons of Veronica Mars and two started series' later, I crave it.
There is the search for normality, when you've never had it (again, normal is not a word I particularly love, because what, please tell, is "normal"? Still, it's in the book.)
There are brave, flawed characters, who fight for truth and do what they must to try and keep their families safe, even if it means doing something that said family would dislike.
There is drama, both in the intensity of spy scenes and the romance/high-school veriaty.
There is a character called Angelo who I really, truly adore. Angelo is not appreciated enough by far, and let me tell you- he's appreciated.
There's a witty dialouge, snark, fights and romance that brews kinda quickly and is, in my mind, taken a little too  seriously by the characters involved. There are excellent moments throughout the novel where I was able to go "Yes! Me too!", because Maggie, the protagonist, has a habit of saying very relatable things.

There weren't many things that I outright disliked about this book, but nor was it revolutionary- I enjoyed reading it and will continue with the series, yet it didn't ever feel like it took the step from "enjoyable" to "excellent" or "explosion worthy" (which is a rating I give to books, yes)- does that make it merely a light read, despite all I've just written about it?

Rating: Slightly down from Ooh, very good, but certainly not Hmm...
I do not like the covers for this book very much- I understand them, the "different person everytime you look" but I didn't like it.
The book, however, proved me wrong on many a count, and I very much enjoyed my time with Maggie (though her dad calls her "babe" at one point, which was hard for me to take seriously and not have a mini-break after.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!


  1. I really like spy novels and this one sounds cute and fun. I know what you mean by this being an average book-you enjoy them but they aren't spectacular. Great review!

    1. I found it a little hard to work out how to get that across, Alise, so I'm glad you understood! The idea that, just because it wasn't, as you say, spectacular, it would be without so many interesting elements is a little strange. It has so many exciting themes!

  2. I like how it's called Spy Society for you guys. AKA sounds good too, but I like how Spy Society sounds, though I don't know which one fits better to the story, but judging from your review I think maybe AKA fits better.

    I love how witty the main character sound and that she can pick locks and maybe kick some serious butt as well as be really real and true as a person.

    1. I do like the title Spy Society, too. The series is AKA, which is, I think, the title in the US/and probably lots of other countries. Spy Society does fit well, and it makes sense when you read the story.

      I think you'd probably enjoy this one, too, Delaney- I hope you look into it, one day!


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