Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer...

Title- The Wishing Spell (Land of Stories #1)
Author- Chris Colfer.
Publish date- 2012
Publisher- Little Brown.


What I thought:
Oh, I very much enjoyed this fairytale adventure! I had been wanting to read it for months, but I never made time and now that I've finally read it... I'm so glad.

In The Wishing Spell, the two protagonists are sent into the "Land of Stories", a world where tales from the Brothers Grimm and Anderson alike come to life.
I enjoyed reading the new take that Colfer gave on characters like Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks, and Red Riding Hood- taking the original work, not the picture-esq adaptions (which Alex, a dual protagonist, is riled by) and following them after the story we know has ended, focusing on the nature of the characters themselves and showing emotions, giving ideas that I, for one, hasn't ever really considered.

It gave me a new perspective on multiple characters, Goldilocks being the main (I also appreciated how there was a new depth given to Sleeping Beauty, possibly my favourite character in any fairytale world, talking about what changes she has to deal with, how she manages to do that). I really enjoyed how original the ideas for these well known characters were, especially because of their fame and how well read their stories already are.

The plot did feel a little predictable, though I was glad when we were nearing the end and a few things were revealed that I hadn't anticipated. It was told in a fairly "chapter by chapter, acomplish one of a set number of tasks in that time" way, which reminded me of a recent read, but this time it worked well for me.

Rating: Ooh, very good.
I never felt as if this was a phenomonal book, and while I liked the new ideas I wasn't all that surprised by the twists and turns taken, yet I really did enjoy this, and I found myself getting really excited for the end, as things became high-tense. It failed to change my opinion of Snow White, who is my least favourite fairytale character, but I think that might be too much to ask.
I would definitely recommend, will be re-reading, and look forward to the sequel.


  1. The mention of Red Riding Hood is just a total YES for me! I love that story the most (even though I won't be continuing the Cinder series with the mention of RRH). I am definitely loving all the releases of Middle Grade these days. They are all so good story, while YA is just getting downhill with the releases. They aren't interesting anymore to me. I really want to get books published three years ago…but obviously B&N doesn't hold books that long ago. TT ^ TT

    The idea sounds really original and traveling through fairy tales is always amazing. Fairy tales are getting so much spot like, and i think that is all okay.

    1. I think fairytale retellings might be the oncoming most popular genre.

      Red Riding Hood was one I loved, growing up, too! I found her most amusing in this story, but don't be fooled- doesn't mean she was exactly nice.

  2. i haven't heard of this book before so thanks for putting it under my radar! YAY for a fairytale :D

    Great review! <33

    1. And it's really neat, because it's a retelling of ones I grew up knowing. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read the sequel!

  3. I have become quite intrigued by fairy tale retellings, plus I'm really intrigued that it's written by Kurt cos I want to see what his writing is like.

    1. Well I can only recommend it and hope we can chit-chat about it once/if you read it, because it is a very interesting and certainly worthwhile reading book. That makes complete and proper sense, right?


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