Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Feature of Pictures (and books!) No. 1

A new year (it's still new even if it's march, I'll have you know) a new feature. A picture book feature! Each month I will feature two amazingly wonderous picture books and write a few words about what I thought of them. I hope you enjoy and find a few new books to wonder over.

Title: Herman's Letter.
Author: Tom Percival.
Publisher: Bloomsbury.
Publish Date: 2013.
RRP: $10.99 (AUD)

This is a pretty neat book, and there are quite a few different aspects as to why I think that. Two of those aspects are as follows:
I often feel sad that books for older age groups don't have art in them. I'm always thrilled when I pick up a book that is dotted throughout with pictures, though it happens far less than I wish- one of the best things about picture books is the guarantee of pictures! If you think about it, in picture books the story is told in a totally different way, because you're taking it in on multiple different levels. The art in this is lovely.
It covers themes of jealousy, dadness and the feeling of being left out/behind, and these are really important things to learn about- it's done really quite well, I think, and whilst jealousy in particular can sometimes be not so fun to read about (this was a short book and I certainly didn't like that aspect), the end made this worth it.

Cover image via: Bloomsbury AU

Cover image via: Bloomsbury AU.

Title: Two Little Bears.

Author: Suzi Moore, Nicola O'Byrne (Illustrator).
Publisher: Bloomsbury.
Publish Date: 2012.
RRP: $10.99 (AUD)

This book is beautiful. It's exquisite. Wonderful. Touching. Sweet.
Mentioning the point of art, again, this is surely one of the most exquisitely illustrated picture books I've yet come across, each picture is so... they carry this feeling with them (at least this was how it felt to me) that makes you just care. So much. The illustrations are my favourite part of the book!
I would highly, highly recommend this to anyone.

Thank you to Bloomsbury AU for these review copies!


  1. OMG, those two bears!! So cute.

    1. They are so much sweeter than you can imagine!

    2. (Read it just for the bears, Cayce!)

  2. I love getting to read picture books when they get returned. They can have such fun with language in the rhymes and rhythms and the pictures are fantastic. There's so much opportunity for humour in the pictures too - little puns in the titles of buildings, fun little characters in the backgrounds and they can be such great examples of storytelling. I love prepping for storytime and deciding which pictures I'm going to really point out to the kids and show how they help to tell the story because that's as important at conveying context than the words and way you narrate, especially for very young children who understand facial expressions before they understand vocabulary.

    1. I've been reading them with my niece and it's so great! Settling down and reading different stories, both from the library and my personal collection, it's just a lovely experience! I read her the Giving Tree last night, super interesting.


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