Friday, March 28, 2014

Double on Call and other stories by John Green...

Title- Double on Call.
Author- John Green.
Publish date- 2013

Review  time...

(A brief) Synopsis:
A selection of short stories featuring a chaplain in a childrens hospital and a girl who appears to be living a very peculiar life. Made available as part of the P4A 2012.

What I thought:
It  took  me  around  eight  or  nine  months  to  finally  read  this  after  I  first  bought  it  in  2012,  and  when  I  did  I  found  it  extremely  interesting.  It  contains  three  short  stories,  all  slightly  different  but  with  a  similar  vein  running  through  each-  a  young  chaplain  working  in  a  childrens  hospital.
Each  story  had  a  layer  of  painful  reality  threaded  through  it,  and  the  detached  way  the  narrator  witnessed  and  spoke  of  these  horrible  tragedies,  almost  in  a  time  worn  way,  was  a  little  discomforting.

Whilst  I  didn't  like  the  stories,  as  such,  and  doubt  I'd  have  gotten  through  any  as  an  entire  novel,  I  found  myself  really  interested  by  the  writing  process,  the  changes  that  were  made  over  each  take.  I  appreciated  seeing  that,  and  it  made  me  appreciate  the  stories  more.

Rating:  Hmm...
I  certainly  didn't  love  any  of  it,  but  it  was  jolly  interesting  and  I  think  that  made  it  well  worth  the  read.


  1. I haven't read any of his books. I'm not sure I'm convinced that I'm going to either. I will go see the cancer movie though I am sure.

    1. I really love it when I get, like, four comments from you within an hour or two. It's very nice and I don't think I've ever said. THANK YOU, LAUREN.x

      I've read two (Alaska and TFiOS) and enjoyed both quite a bit, and am reading another within the next fortnight, if all goes to plan, but they're not for everyone and I can understand if you don't think they'd be for you. Maybe going to see the movie about STARS will change your mind, maybe it won't. WE WILL SEE.


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