Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Huh, did I say February? February?
I said February, didn't I?

Ah well, I didn't come back to the world of the internet until the second week of said month, so I've excused myself. Catching up with emails and scheduelles after you've been offline for two and a bit months takes a while, but I am BACK NOW and can say that I had an absolutely splendid and, if I may, perspective altering, time away from the computer. I didn't read all the books I wanted (more on that below), but I read different ones and fantastic ones, and I did SO MUCH WRITING (finished a WIP, edited a whole draft) I am still singing my own praises. I spent time doing new things (I think I'm a fairly stunning knitter now) and taking the world in and I just feel very wise after it.

It may take me a while to adapt to blogging again and things will be different this year- I'm only online 3 days a week and next year I will be taking another two months off, if not earlier, because the computer just isn't necessary to me in the way that other things truly are, but blogging and other things that I can only do via the computer are, so I worked out a system that will take a while to foolproof, but which I think is workable.

I did catch up and have a lot of reviews to be posted, and out of the books I posted here that I hoped I'd read, these are the ones I did (plus a good few others, mind)...

The Hobbit.
Zac and Mia.
(A bit of) The Etymoligicon.
A Tale of Two Castles.
I, Corriander.
Crown of Midnight.
Severed Heads, Broken Hearts.
Girls, Goddesses and Giants.
The House of Cats.
When did you see her Last?

Didn't like/finish:

Everything is Illuminated.
Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone.
Briar Rose.
All Our Yesterdays.
These Broken Stars.

Still Reading:

Jane Eyre, Swallowdale, Middlesex.

I went jolly well, me'thinks. And though not in all ways, it's... nice to be back


  1. Congrats on finishing your VIP!! And you're reading Jane Eyre? Yay!! How are you liking it? And oh, Middlesex. I couldn't get into that one... But looking forward to hear your thoughts on Wonder and Severed Heads, Broken Hearts! :)

    1. Thanks Cayce! I've actually been reading Jane Eyre since mid last year and am really struggling with it, unfortunately- don't like it at all. Middlesex is taking me a while, but I do like it- I'm reading it on recommendation, so that's probably making me more keen to finish it.


  2. Yay for completing your WIP and for reading a lot of good books :D

    I'm surprised that These Broken Stars is on your 'didn't like' list since everyone seems to be going crazy for it. I'm reading it myself now and I have to say that it is enjoyable so far, although I don't think it is *completely* living up to all the hype.

    And this is a little random, but am I the only one who felt annoyed by the mentions of Lilac's beauty? In the beginning, it is made sure that it is told that Lilac hasn't had plastic surgery to make her absolutely gorgeous, but I think the whole effect of that statement fades away right at the moment it is said that Lilac is still beautiful without the surgery.

    I don't know why, but that little thing has been bothering me for a long time. Yeah, I'm weird. Anyways. I would love to hear your thoughts on Wonder. I haven't read the book yet, but I head that it is wonderful! Will it be one of the books you are reviewing?

    1. Thanks Lesley!

      Hmm... that's a good point, and something I didn't pay a lot of attention to, though I did notice it- it felt like one of those things where this character is being made out to be so naturally beautiful and flawless, and the fact she's naturally like that, no surgery/treatment necessary, was a bit annoying, really, and felt a touch predictable- is she better than everyone else, at least in the Captain's eyes, because she was born with a lovely figure? Bit odd. I hope to read your review!

  3. Glad to see you back. Looks like you have plenty of books to talk about. I look forward to reading all your reviews!!! Personally I think it would be fun to see some posts on knitting.. I have always wanted to learn.

    1. Thank you Angela! Hmm... I could totally start knitting book inspired things, couldn't I? Perhaps book covers or something like that. I'm knitting wristwarmers, if I didn't say that above, and they're writing related, so perhaps they will make an appearance. x

  4. I don't even know how to not have the internet, how would I talk to anyone I know? How would I entertain myself? HOW WOULD I DO THINGS, Romi, THINGS????!!!!!???

    Welcome back though, I'm looking forward to you being back on the interwebs and I really am impressed in your ability to stick to your goals and be all determined and stuff - well done :)

    1. Letters, Lauren. Letters and the postal service.

      Thank you! Now we must talk Veronica Mars, okay? Okay good.


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