Monday, March 10, 2014

Sylvia Plath: Drawings by Frieda Hughes...

Title- Sylvia Plath: Drawings.
Author- Frieda Hughes, Sylvia Plath.
Publish date- 2013.
Publisher- Faber.
RRP: $29.99AUD

(A brief) synopsis:
A collection of Sylvia Plath's unique art, including letters in which she speaks of her drawing, compiled by her daughter, Frieda Hughes.

Image care of: Allen and Unwin.

What I thought:
This is a beautiful book- with or without dustcover, it fills me with yearning to open it and explore, to look upon the detailed drawings of Sylvia Plath and to read the letters- such an important part of this book- in which she describes her pieces, the inspiration behind a certain sketch, the hopes she has for her future art. It is a book that resonates with love and care for the work being done, and at times I was almost too inspired to get out my own notebook and draw, which I resisted, though it was hard to sit still.

Though it's relatively short, when it comes to words at least, this book felt no less like I was being told a story than if I had been reading a novel;  it's a different story to many I read, but an excellent one none  the less, and I heartily enjoyed the experience.

It wasn't really until afterwards that I understood just how important the letters included in this book were- it would still be a very beautiful book without them, but with I am filled with a great appreciation, because now I know the story behind so many of the pieces featured, and that feels very... it feels like I've been given something very delicate and special to look after.

This is a absolutely stunning book, perfect to pick up and read little by little, or all at once.

Rating: Ooh, very good/Excellent.
I love the design of this throughout, but especially the cover- I'm instantly drawn to it, vibrant red, cream white and soft black. It's quite as lovely on the inside, and I'd recommend with little hesitation- even if so you can just see the cover hiding beneath he dust cover, which is truly stunning.

Thank you to Allen and Unwin for this review copy.


  1. Oh yes, so beautiful! It's been forever since I've read nonfiction but this one sounds really interesting. I love me some "unique art" and it's great that their backstories are included in the book as well. Especially since I sometimes struggle with getting art pieces that are like really UNIQUE :D

    1. Well even with the simple things, like still life sketches... it was so nice knowing what she felt about the work, why she drew it. It gave a really nice insight- I think you'd probably really enjoy this, Cayce!


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