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Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan...

Title- Untold. (Book #2 in the Lynburn Legacy.)
Author- Sarah Rees Brennan.
Publish date- 2013.
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.
RRP: $16.99

*May contain spoilers for Unspoken, book one in the series*


Review time...

(A brief) Synopsis:
Things in Sorry-in-the-Vale are just getting darker as Kami Glass, along with her friends and the not always enthusiastic help of the Lynburns, fights for the truth and to be rid of the dark sorcery that is threatening to take over her peaceful village.

Image care of: Simon and Schuster AU.

What I thought:
December. December was a good month for seqels, it seems- first I had Crown of MIdnight, then this. Both are sequels to two of my favourite novels of 2013, and both were stunning.
I can't quite decide whether, overall, I liked Untold more than Unspoken- certainly in some themes, such as "fast paced" "thrilling" "terrifying" and "made-me-read-so-fast-I-couldn't-believe-it", but there were some slightly frustrating (I loved it- I did) moments when it came to the romance, though I appreciated these frustrations more than I would've, thanks to Sarah Rees Brennan and her blog.
I groaned aloud at times, and wanted quite badly to yell JUST TALK ABOUT IT, but sadly I had tonsillitius, so I had to stay quiet and say it in my head. (True story.)

I love the way the story grows, along with the characters, from the first book, becoming a few shades darker as the stakes and sorcery get more desperate, but I'm so, so glad that this didn't mean the humor that I so adored all throughout Unspoken was lost. It was, as I should've expected, still there and still excellent. More than that, actually: it was hilarious and snort-worthy and just unexpectedly perfect.
Also, the names for some of the places in Sorry-in-the-Vale... they are wonderful, to say the very least.

Now to mention one of my top ten favourite characters: Kami Glass.
Kami is just as brilliant as always, and I thrilled at the immediate mention of her clothing in the first pages, outfits that are notoriously excellent and just about my favourite clothing descriptions in the world. Sadly, there seemed to be far less than in Unspoken, but hopefully this is made up in the next book. Kami grows a lot in this book, and she faces horrifying things, but I'm truly proud of her and how she managed to cope. Kami never had to prove herself to me, but in many ways she did in this book.

Rating: Tops. Big Explosion, MIND BLOWN.
Always with the cliffhangers, Sarah Rees Brennan! This is acutely painful!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!


  1. I think I liked this book more than the first too. It really upped things. But even if it hadn't, I still would've enjoyed it for the humour. Sarah Rees Brennan has had me hooked since I first picked up The Demon's Lexicon randomly at my library. I could read her work any day. Can't wait for Unmade!

    1. Such great humor in these books, I couldn't agree more! I haven't read that series, though perhaps I should try it out one of these days. I had no idea the final (?) had a title! Off to check that out now!


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