Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Conversation on: How I live Now by Meg Rosoff...

Title- How I live Now.
Author- Meg Rosoff.
Publish date- 2004.
Publisher- Penguin AU.

(A brief) Synopsis:
Daisy, a teenager from America, is sent to live with her cousins in the UK. She spends increasingly peaceful days with this new family, then a horrifying war breaks out.

Image Credit: Penguin AU.

Lets converse.
Though this was, by no means, a long novel, I didn't feel as if it was rushed at any one moment, or (alternately) that scenes/occurrences could've happened over a lengthier time. It felt, more than anything else, as if I was having a secret told to me, and eventually I found myself having trouble (a minimum amount of trouble, but still) figuring out if the sense of dread, even the belief that the war I felt so much fear for was happening here and now, and I was the one stranded in it. Then I would remember, all of a sudden, that Daisy and not I was the one facing it...  that was a perplexing experience, to say the least. A little frightening.

How I live Now was spectacular in it's honesty, in the unlikable-likability of it's protagonist and narrator, the way it filled me with a powerful dread, tugged me into the very story itself- a story that, at it's core, terrified me.

Because I felt so connected to the characters, it was as if I was a part of the story, like I was there at Daisy's side, fighting to get home, and so it feels, afterwards, as if I battled a lot in the time I was reading- I faced fears and learnt that it's so much harder to be triumphant than you might imagine. I realised that hope is far more necessary than I previously could've imagined, and you have to face mistakes.

Rating: Big Explosion, MIND BLOWN.
I learnt a lot whilst submerged in How I live Now, and I only hope there will be more lessons to learn when I next return to it's pages.


  1. Only very slightly amusing anecdote. I had NO idea that that's what the story was about. I just thought the title sounded very angsty and teenagery and I was going to have NONE OF THAT. So, I'm not sure I'd read it now, but I AM better informed. Well done :)

    1. Well I can recommend the film, which is new and I think you'd probably REALLY like. I'm going to send you an email, in the case you don't see this. I think you'd love it.


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